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I'm building a mid range machine, based on the new sandy bridge components. My main goal for this machine is 3d graphics, photoshop work, and vfx using after effects and nuke. I have to transport this workstation a lot, so for this reason I've selected a micro atx motherboard. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Planning to buy:

Cpu: Intel Core i7-2600k 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) 8MB BOX

MB: MSI H67MA-ED55 - Socket 1155 Micro atx

Ram: Corsair Vengeance Performance 16 gb kit (4x4) GB DD3-1600 Pc3 - 12800 - cl9

GFX Card: Gainward GeForce Gtx 460 Golden Sample - 2048 MB GDDR 5 - pcie 2.0

HD: Seagate 1tb

Boot/OS: Corsair SSD 120 gb Force Series

PSU: Corsair HX750W

Case: Silverstone SG02B-F BLK (Micro atx)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Seems nice specs to me... but Silverstone microatx case is a small case

    ...i mean if you are a gamer and play lot of games, then system can get quite hot (especially GPU) due to a smaller case.
  2. Funny you mentioned the heat, it was my only concern since the very beginning.

    I also think the intel 2600k stock cooler wouldn't fit in this case...
    But I suppose, any 1156 cooler would fit in any 1155 layout? Zalman?


  3. whats you price point? What kind of work are you looking to do on this?
    tell me why your going SB over 1366 for a work station. Im not knocking your choice, I'm just curious.
    P.S. you cant OC on that board
  4. Thanks for the input.

    I'm selecting the SB because performance wise, it beats out even the high end i7-975 which is a $1000 chip and it only costs around $300.
  5. My budget would be 1500€ max. the kind of work i'm planning to do is the one I said above in my first post.
  6. keep in mind all benchmarks are for games or not based on real everyday use scenarios. Intel themselves still says 1366 is the platform for production use and high end. I am aware SB beats most 1366 cpu's at stock. But once you overclock both as far as they will go the ghz advantage is less then 1.0 even between the 950 and 2600k. There is no comparison of SB to 1366 in pro apps. Just some food for though
  7. Thanks for the tips nox.

    So what rig would you recommend based on that cpu? (keeping in mind the small form factor)
  8. if it were me and i were going with the 2600k i would get a p67 mobo for sure. I would then consider if i want the ability to eventually do SLI. BUT pro apps made by autodesk and adobe can not utilize SLI so the only reason you would be considering SLI is for extra gaming performance.

    SO if you dont want gaming performance any mobo is good as long as it runs 1 video card in 16X. If you think you may want to boos game performance you should consider a mobo that does 16X 16X. although 8X 8X does not equal a huge performance drop if any you are limiting future upgrades since the GTX580 is already nearly maxing out 16X.
    at this point i think the only SB mobo's that can do 16X 16X are the asus maximus III Extreme and the gigabit UD7. Neithor of these will fit in that case though (i think).

    Quadro Vs Gaming cards (GTX)
    Quadros DO improve performance in 3D apps and some adobe apps. Its noticeable in 3D apps. I went with a gaming card myself because I want to game some on my computer. Its far from the primary purpos but i think a gaming card will meet my needs. If it doesnt then i'll pick up a quadro later.
    Basically if its meant to be a workstation get a quadro if its an everyday computer that will be a workstation sometimes go GTX. This is my opinion. Ill go into it more if you want me to. Just let me know

    Look for low cas! cas is basically the most important factor as long as the other stats are reasonable. For workstation MORE RAM IS ALWAYS BETTER. quantity is more important then speed in a workstation. You dont always have to sacrifice speed for quantity but usually the more you get the slower it will run. I went for 12gb because I use after FX and some heavy 3d scenes but 8gb could be plenty if you have never run into ram issues before. But in a Duel channel platform like P67 your best choice is 4X4gb or 4X2gb
    this is the equivalent to what im putting in my 1366 build (CAS 6)
    but I highly recommend checking the QVL (qualified vendor list) for you mobo before buying ram. I checked with the ram manufacturer, the mobo manufacture and the qvl just to be sure.

    PSU (how many watts)
    you can go here
    there are no SB processors in the list yet but you could just use a 1366 i7 950 and know its going to be about 35watts higher then what it should be.

    not sure if i covered everything but let me know if you want more
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