2 GTS 250 VS GTX 460

hello buddies:
I have following specs:
*Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz.

So my question is;
Will two GTS 250 will give better performance as compared to single GTX 460?
Which will be best option?
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    I think that the GTX 460 will win. I am not sure though. 2 gts 250 would be good anyway. Go for what you think is cooler. :D
  2. a 250 is abotu on par with a 450 .. sli'd you'd be almost at a 470's lvl ... but not all titles like sli so i'd still pick a 460 over 2 250's sli'd... even though the sli'd 250's shoudl out perform it you have more overclock room with the 460 plus can sli later.

    if you already have a 250 though i'd sli it to get mroe life out of your seisting card for cheaper
  3. Yes if you have a gts 250 SLI 'em. ;)
  4. thanks buddies for ur quick responses.i appreciate it.
    I am going to buy a single GTX 460 bcz if i was having a GTS 250 then i should have connected it with another GTS 250 until now.
    So i think GTX 460 will be a better option.I was assuming it already that GTX 460 will be a better option.

    By the way thanks.
  5. Have fun with the new GPU. :D
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