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hi, i just bought a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus.
it comes with just one fan. i dont really need another one right now so i wanted to know if i use just the one fan should i put it as a push or a pull?
it would seem like push would be better because on the other side there is already an exhaust fan a few inches away. but i wanted to ask to hear some opinions. the case is a haf x.
thank you.
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  1. forgot to add, the mobo is sabertooth p67 with g skill ripjaws ram. if anyone has any info as to if the heat sink will obstruct the ram it would also be helpful.
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    Yes, for one fan, mount it on the ram side pushing air towards the rear case exhaust.
    I have a 212+ and Ripjaws together no problem.
    However if you have all dimms filled you may have to slide the fan up a little to fit the closests module.
    You won't have a problem using a 212+ on your mobo.
  3. ty good sir
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  5. Fans are usually mounted as pushers, and we all know that this works.

    I built a series of machines for our company and the tall ripjaws ram interfered with the fan. I mounted the fan about 1/4" higher to clear the ram, and it worked fine.

    On the second machine I put the fan on the back of the heatsink as a puller. It worked fine too, and provided lower temps than the pusher fan mounted a little higher.

    I was using Xigmatek coolers and fans. They are easy enough to mount but once the fan is mounted it is more trouble to unmount it and move it so I didn't experiment with it too much. Maybe it is easier to move the fan around with the 212 and you could try it both ways to see which way cooled the best.
  6. i would have to unscrew the fan and turn it around since the mounting clips to the heatsink screws into the fan. i am getting very good performance from the cooler so i see no problem. my load temp went from 69 to 49.
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