What's up with Black Ops poor performance with crossfire enabled?

I have 10.11 drivers installed with my 4850's CFX setup, and when I play Call of Duty: Black Ops it stutters and I get horrible FPS. I tried lowering the resolution, that didnt help one bit. Then I tried disabling Crossfire and that fixed it. It runs fine, but then I had to turn down the graphics since one 4850 couldnt handle everything turned up at 1920x1080. This really sucks, should I just buy the new 6870's?

My specs:

PII X3 720BE @3.0GHz
4GB DDR2 800MHz
XFX 4850's in CFX
750W PSU
1TB 7200 RPM HD
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  1. Have you updated your crossfire profiles?
  2. not yet, ill try that next. Thanks, cuz i didnt even think about that lol
  3. updated crossfire profiles. Still getting 15-20 FPS with CFX enabled, I disable CFX and I get around 40-50
  4. Do you have Steam loaded? It may have updated your drivers without you realizing it.

    It's also possible one of your cards isn't well seated or partially dislodged when you moved it.

    Otherwise, I'm thinking you may have bad memory or a bad card.
  5. BTW, does this problem happen in any other game?
  6. i have steam installed, it updated the game when i installed it. Its never run right since its been installed. both cards are seated correctly, when i disable CFX i do it through CCC. I dont physically take out the cards or anything. ANd it doesnt do this in any other game. MoH 2010 plays great and smooth, what i find weird is I used to get 120-140 FPS in MW2 then after installing 10.11 it does the same thing in MW2 that it does in Black Ops, but when i disable CFX MW2 doesnt get better. I installed older drivers but that didnt do anything at all. It may be a bad card, ive seen other reviews where people with the same cards as mine arent having any problems with CFX.

    Im thinking about building a new system anyway. Just let me know what yall think about the situation.
  7. Two things more to try. If you used 2 bridges between the cards, remove one. I've seen issues with two bridges before.

    Also, try it with the 2nd card in the 1st slot and see if it works good as a single card.
  8. alrighty, ill try that. Cuz i only have one CFX bridge.
  9. no luck, same results
  10. Are you running windows 7 64 bit? I have the same problem as you. Before, when I had win xp I had crossfire enabled and had great performance with MW2, then after I installed win 7 64 bit having crossfire ruined my performance on MW2. I didn't realize it was the crossfire issue until exhausting all options (multiple reinstalls of win7, tons of driver updates, I even went into sound settings). Still don't have a fix, so i'm forced to run just one card and have the other one sitting there collecting dust.
  11. Yeah, i have Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Crossfire ran fine before with MW2, its after I installed the 10.11 Drivers that caused this problem in MW2.
  12. i took out my cards cleaned the dust off them, tested them independently and put both back in after nothing was wrong. Now crossfire works fine in Black Ops, but i still have bad FPS. Now it freezes up and crashes when CFX is enabled, but not when CFX is disabled.
  13. @ OP all i have to ops blows big chunks just visit black ops forum,there was/is so many problems with this game it's ridiculous,had my system crashing once by puling headset from USB port,CF is another issue,try runing single card
  14. forgot to mention, believe or not but the game is still DX9 LOL
    Try downloading and installing DirectX 9.0c;
  15. ortoklaz said:
    forgot to mention, believe or not but the game is still DX9 LOL
    Try downloading and installing DirectX 9.0c;

    Yeah i figured, the graphics are nice, but there is no way it was anything higher than DX9 lol
  16. You shouldn't have to download anything more though with windows 7, would you?
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