Microphone input not working

Recently I was videocalling and the microphone stopped working after I accidentally yanked it too hard. It wasn't yanked out of the jack, rather to the side at a 90deg angle. There doesnt seem to be any damage. I tried using a different microphone, thinking i busted the pair I was using. New one didn't work either. I tried plugging microphones that worked on other computers into the mic input in hte back of the computer. Nothing seems to work.
I'm using an Asus P6x58d-e mobo with realtek sound manager
The case is an Antec 902
Since the inputs in the back are directly on the mobo and the jack in the front is on the case, it can't be a single jack(or both) that stopped working since I tested both within 10min.
This really confuses me, I pulled on a plug too hard and all mic inputs on my computer stop working, which means its software, but I didn't do anything but pull the plug. Didn't adjust settings or anything
Any suggestions?
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  1. Maybe a short circuit or something? Try disabling the front socket, eg. disconnect the wires inside.
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