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Using an H67 motherboard, is there a graphics benefit to using the unlocked 2500K vs the regular 2500 CPU?

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  1. +1 the K series have better built in graphics but neither come close to anything but the cheapest dedicated card.
  2. I think the new integrated video core is roughly as powerful as the Radeon HD 5450.

    That's actually not bad considering that's a little more than twice the performance you can get out of Intel's previous integrated video.
  3. Heh, heh...

    I remember someone's post hoping that the video core in the i5 2500K would be as powerful as a Radeon HD 5750. If that happened then AMD and nVidia would be in serious trouble.
  4. Quote:
    ^ Give them 14nm and that would occur,
    they way I see it for each generation of chips, AMD will still kick Intel's ass in Graphics.
    Judging from AMD's llano roadmap, we will be seeing HD5550s and HD5570s with Phenom II on die by H2 this year

    There's an "article" (and I use the word loosely :P) over on Semiaccurate about how Intel has a big surprise for Ivy Bridge graphics. According to Charlie, Intel will be using stacked graphics memory directly on the die - won't be fast memory as it will have to be low-power obviously, but will have a huge pipe to the GPU. So Charlie thinks the IB GPU will be very competitive with midrange discrete GPUs..

    Personally I don't put much stock in either Charlie or Fuad's articles, which seem mainly about getting website hits instead of accuracy..
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  6. Sort of. H67 you can only overclock graphics i think. Some say up to 35% more power. To over-clock on any board you need K-series. Unlocked 2500 is just $15 more. Go for it.
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