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GTX480 vs GTX580

im in the middle of building a new comp and was gonna buy the GTX580. ive been using this site ( to determine the best video card and found out today that the GTX480 has pulled ahead.

i was just wondering your guys' thoughts/opinions on the 2 video cards like the advantages/disadvantages, cost over power, which one runs cooler, runs quieter, uses less energy, etc.

just to keep in mind, i will be using an 850w PSU for SLI in the future for whatever vid card i intend to buy
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    580 is quieter, faster, uses slightly less power and is cooler
    The 480 is generally EOL'd, but cheaper
  2. Hi, you're post make no sense.
    You were saying that you were buying the 580 but the 480 is better?
    It must be the other way around.
    The 480 run really hot unless you buy a non-reference product, consumes a lot of power and is an older generation. So RMA might give you a weaker 5xx card.
    It is also loud unless you use non-reference products.Also has DirectX11
    The 580 run about 75 degrees(not sure) is a new generation, DirectX11, +15% percent performance over 580. Run cooler and quieter but consumes a lot of power.
  3. Consider twin 470's with that 850 watter right from the get go.,2782-6.html

    Two GeForce GTX 470 cards are a potent combination when paired in SLI mode, delivering more graphics muscle on average than a single Radeon HD 5970. Now, the new Radeon HD 6870 offers a viable CrossFire alternative at a similar price.

    While a couple of GeForce GTX 470 cards in SLI will demonstrate better performance than a pair of Radeon HD 6870s, power usage should be some 200-300 W less for the Radeons under load conditions. This might not be much of an issue for folks with solid power supplies but it is something to keep in mind.
  4. As an owner of a GTX480, I would get the GTX580. It is quieter and it's a more refined product, not to mention the 580 outperforms the 480.
  5. yeah; Agreed,

    I would also opt for a 580 if you can find one for around or under 500 dollars. But I would opt for 2 480's over 1 580...

    No way am I spending over a grand for 2 580's

    I was able to get 2 GTX 480's for around 350 a few months after their release; shop around is all I can say!
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