Dual HDMI's onle?

Okay, so im building this computer with a friend and he wants to dual screen his system with HDMI only, he doesnt want VGA or DVI. so i said it might be possible if we SLI the card he wants which is the GTX 580, so anyways the card has HDMI mini and we got a cable to make mini into full for the monitor. Now is it possible to dual screen 2 HDMI screens with 2 of the GTX 580's? one card has a hdmi mini so with 2 card that makes 2 hdmi mini's! please let me know
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    When in SLI you can only use the outputs of a single card excepting their new triple screen setup which drives the third screen off the second card.

    One way to get around this issue is that DVI ports can use an adapter to be converted into HDMI ports, both carry the same signal so there will be no loss of quality, some cards ship with a DVI-HDMI adapter.
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  3. I didnt think so, but wasnt fully sure, thanks for the help ill look into that for my friend thanks again
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