I have a question about upgrading memory for my laptop

Hello everyone, i'm having a bit of trouble finding ram for my laptop. I have an Acer Aspire 7552g-6061. It's a "gaming" laptop, and it has 4 gb of ram to start with. I wanted to upgrade this to 8gb, since i will be doing a lot of video processing and recording. I talked to an Acer support person through their online chat, and they said that my laptop is compatible with 10066mhz, 240pin ram. Well, i couldn't find any memory cards that fit those requirements and are 8gb. So, i was wondering if someone could help me:

1. Find out if the customer support guy was right about what type of memory i need
2. Possibly help me find some memory sticks for me to buy for my laptop.

Thanks guys, any help you can give me will be great :)
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    If This is your Laptop: Then it is 204 pins not 240 pins.

    You can google "Laptop memory", Then select a brand and input your laptop and it will show what is compatable ie:

    Newegg has plenty:
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  3. Yes, that is my laptop! And wow, that customer support guy was all wrong i guess. So, i can support 1066 and 1333MHz. Also, i have 3 slots that can carry 4gb each. Thanks a lot ^^
    Here are just some other quick questions relating to this.

    1.I'm guessing i should go with the 1333 type, but is there any real difference between 1066 and 1333?

    2. What combination would you recommend? I could get 4gb x2, and then keep one of the 2gb chips in there to have a total of 10gb. Or i could just put away the 2gb chips, and total to 8gb.

    Thanks again
  4. 1) the bios in loptops is ratyher limited (most often it is locked for may features.
    this means that the Memory will operate, most likely at the default speed. The best thing to do is to download CPUID CPU-z. Install and run. Two tabs at the top (A) memory - what it is currently running at. and (B) SPD - what the memory is capable of running at. My recommendation is to to get memory that has the same specs.
    2) as to the difference between 1066 and 1333, you would probably not see a differeence in performance - only see a diff in benchmarks - NO bniggy.
    3) as to the number of sticks. A) if more than one sick, memory should be purchased in "Kits" ie each memory module has identicial spec. 1 singhle stick = single channel, 2 sticks should run in dual channel mode and 3 in tripple channel mode. My self I'd probable go with a 3 x 2 kit for 6 gigs. Again in a laptop you probably would not see a diff between 6 gigs and 8 gigs. Over 8 gigs is over kill.
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