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Is PNY a dependable brand?

Due to the fact that I am forced to buy from Best Buy, the only GTX580 available right now is one from PNY. I am not too sure about them as a brand. Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with PNY?

I know the card is a reference model, so maybe there aren't going to be many differences between manufacturers at this point. Is there any reason to believe that PNY will use components of lesser quality than, say, MSI, Asus, or Gigabyte?

Thanks for the help. For once, the price at Best Buy is lower than what I have seen elsewhere.
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    I believe the difference between brands lies in their warranties, support, software package and cooling setup. If it is a reference model then you need not worry about lesser quality components as they should be the same as any reference model, it should be ok.
  2. I have always heard about "binning" to select out better components from the rest. I also know that there is some leeway that manufacturers have in determining some components, not the major ones, but some of the memory modules for example. I just don't know really what the deal is with variables like that. Overall, I never really had a good impression of PNY, although I don't know why. Hopefully, reference is reference and there shouldn't be any major differences in quality.

    It would be nice to hear from someone who has owned a recent PNY XCLR8 model.
  3. I see that PNY is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, so that is a plus for me. They also have a lifetime warranty if you register on their website. So far, I haven't found any negatives.
  4. They are not a new company. PNY have been making/rebranding RAM for as long as I can remember, but this is the first i have heard about vid cards.
  5. They are promoting their 25th year as a business. I live in the Silicon Valley, and I am also happy to see that they have a site nearby. I have found it usefil for RMA's to just be able to drop them off directly.
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  7. i have a pny card and its a pny XLR8 gtx 560 ti OC and i bought it 4 months ago, so far it works like a charm, no dips, no poor drivers, no lags, and heat issues arent so bad (maximum is 75 degrees C while playing bf3). In my experience from the 4 months, pny is a really good brand when it comes to their hardware, because several people say that there cards and memory modules last for a really long time but there customer service is poor
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