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Hello everyone.

So recently I bought a gtx 460 768mb. And as I understand my Intel core 2 duo e6420 @ 2.96 ghz is extremely bottlenecking it. I just finished playing Mafia 2 and it ran quite well, there was some stuttering and fps drops, but nothing major. Now, when I tried gta 4 framerate constantly drops to 0 then up again and back to zero and up again. It's impossible to play it. Other games like just cause 2 and metro 2033 are fully playable on highest settings even though graphics card usage never reaches more than 60 %.

I play games on 1280*1024 and soon I'll upgrade my monitor and I'll be playing on 1600*1050. I would like to know if games on that resolution would run better for me with gts 450? Will I often with my current setup run into issues like in gta 4?
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  1. Try increasing your ram if your using only 2gb. It really helps boost your PC performance. GTA 4 is poorly optimized.
  2. Thanks for your answers. I'll stay with gtx 460.

    I have 4gb of ram, 3.3gb of which is in use, because windows are 32bit.
    The thing is that gta 4 ran fine with my old graphics card, of course on low settings and with low frame rate, but there wasn't that constant dropping to 0 fps. During benchmark I get 30 to 50 fps, but while playing game stops every two seconds. Not that I am very eager to play it, because I already did, but that strange issue got me kind of worried that other games might have same problem.
  3. Strange thing. Even on lowest settings that lag persists and I assume there isn't that much bottlenecking, because on msi afterburner it shows that video card runs at full speed while playing gta 4. So I really don't understand the issue.
  4. Apparently it was game's issue. I installed a patch and used memory restrict fix. Now it's running perfectly fine.
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