Hi All,

I would like to crossfire on my GPU for gaming,
here is my desktop spec,
intel core i5-750 2.67
gigabyte p55a-ud3
sapphire hd 5830
kingston 1333dn 8gb
psu 650 watt

do u guy think is able to do that?

Thank a lot

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  1. If the motherboard has 2 x16 PCI-e slots, sure. Even 2 x8 will work.

    But you will probably need a large PSU, pending of what cards want. I don't know how many PCI-e plugs the 5830 has, but if it has 2, then a PSU upgrade will be needed.
  2. Im using seasonic 620 watt , and i'm keen to use 2x Sapphire hd 5830 to crossfire.
  3. ct1615 said:
    the PSU will handle it. under load, total system power did not break 450w in this stress test. in gaming, power consumption will be slightly less.

    test system

    cool Thanks a lot appreciate it ^_^ will go get a new Hd5830 and crossfire it.
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