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HELP!!!! H57

Will my HD 6870 or GTX 580 fit my H57 Chipset? Also if 6870 is worth it's price over a GTX 580.
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    Yes, both will fit the chipset, but make sure your enclosure can. They aren't small in length. Both cards are 10.5 inches long.

    As to being worth it's price...if it's costing more than the 580, get a 580 for sure!

    I assume you didn't mean it the way it's typed.

    It's value depends on your need. What is your system and resolution that you use, and what games (if you game) do you play?

    The link above are my games... My current system is i5 750 H57 Chipset for SATA i think 300 or 500w PSU .
    ATI RADEON HD 4650 .
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  4. H57 MSI IONA is my model.
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