MSI P67A-G45: Having Realtek LAN problems

I have a MSI P67A-G45 (B3) motherboard running Windows 7 and I am having a problem with the internet.

Every once in awhile after restaring or shutting down and powering back up, the internet will stop working. In order for the internet to work, I need to go into the hardware manager and disable the Realtek LAN port, then re-enable it. Once I do that, I can surf the web.

This would work for a little while and then I would have the problem all over again. It's happened so much, that I made a shortcut on my destop to do this.

So far, I have tried updating the drivers to the latest version with no luck. I am thinking of flashing the BIOS but I am not that experienced with that and I'm not sure if that will even work.

Am I looking at a hardware problem or a Windows problem?

Thank you!
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  1. i think its a windows problem
  2. With updated drivers and no change I would suspect motherboard.
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