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PC Specs Recomendation - CPU, Motherboard and Graphics Card

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April 20, 2011 10:35:59 PM

Hi people!

Travelling to LA this year for E3, and planning to buy some PC components there, since it is WAY cheaper than here in Brazil.

Right now I'm planning to buy a Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti (U$ 250) , Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz LGA 1155 95W and a MSI P67A-G43 (B3) ATX Intel Motherboard (both for U$ 340). Is it a good configuration?

My expectation is to be able to enjoy the future games in 3 years from now (2 years to end the current console generation + 1 year for me to buy on of them :p ).

What else should i buy? Do you recommend something better or with a better cost-benefit?

I plan to spend less than U$ 750 (including taxes, in LA it is almost 10%).

Thanks all in advance!
April 20, 2011 10:55:22 PM

System you have planned there seems solid.

I would stick to 4Gb of Ram unless you get a good deal on 8Gb, a Samsung F3 1Tb HDD and a good 500W PSU.

The 2500K will easily last you 3+ years and easy to OC
a b U Graphics card
April 21, 2011 1:14:12 AM

If it's for gaming alone, I'd say get 8GB of RAM and a Core i3 (in the long run, RAM hits harder than CPU). Having 2 cores less will hit you, no doubt, but it will be a good trade for more RAM; besides you can always OC it.

Or you could get an AMD machine a lil' cheaper and have 4 cores :p 

For gaming alone, a Phenom II X4 965 with 8GB and a GTX560 or a 6950 will be enough for a long 4 years too IMO, or even more, since the BE's can be pushed to 4Ghz (mine is at 3.9Ghz on air). And you'll get a better MoBo with that (feature wise) :p 

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