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I have an after market CPU cooler for an L775 Socket. The four posts are threaded posts like going into the female side of standoffs. If I use standoffs attached to the metal MBO case will there be shorting issue?
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  1. I have an avc cooler for socket 775. The plate goes under the motherboard; you can use it with or without the sticky pads when mounting. I simply lined up the holes and started the screws in slightly to lift up the plate enough to finish installing the heatsink. I never had a shorting issue; there are no internal wires inside the plate area under the board.
  2. I guess what I am say is if I am missing a plate with this cooler that would normally go under the motherboard
  3. It's possible it might work, but too much torque may damage the underside of the board. You may also need to cut off the threaded portion of each standoff so they don't sit too high under the board. Depends on your board clearance and which size standoff you try. You can also use the red spacers that come with case hardware kits. Newegg had a masscool 775 cooler earlier today for only $2.99 plus shipping which came with your mounting plate, but they sold out. New rosewills are only $10 with free shipping; has similar deals. It's safer and much cheaper than a new board.
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