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I can't help wondering how long Mr. Job's MEDICAL leave might effect the Cupertino Apple machine....I have already tried having FRY'S in Burbank build me a COOLERMASTER Full tower with all TOP SHELF components, the machine CRASHED and BURNED (blew out) after less than 3 weeks
I have $2,000 on a pre paid credit card with an EXTRA $1,000 (TOTAL UNDER $3,000)and AM LOOKING FOR THE BEST MACHINE (PC or MAC) for home VIDEO AND AUDIO EDITING with the ability TO STREAM FROM my NEW PC or MAC to my 1080p HDTV? ANY IDEAS OUT THERE?
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  1. Hi there,Iv'e owned many Dells (prebuilt PCs).I'm in the process of building my own.The reason I'm building my own is for several resons.I get to pick my own personal case and parts.I get to build it and gain much exsperience doing it.Its not built in Mexico or china.I can go on and on.
    I have just gotten fed up spending hundreds of dollars on a pc that I can't upgrade.The best part about most prebuilts are the warranty,but that is begining to go south.I own a alienware and the

    If you really want a prebuilt have a look at FOX Technologys.My friend has one that is pretty impresive.All the parts are name brand and its built and supported in the USA.They have a configurator,but if you can't seem to get just the right build contact them.My friends is the latest build (sandy bridge).They also gave him sone nice upgrades.He spent about $1100 and has a very good gamming PC.
  2. If I had $3000 and was looking for a prebuilt, I would buy a nice decked out Dell XPS, extended warranty and use any leftover budget to a video card.
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