JUST CAUSE 2 Lag at high fps

My gaming rig is as follows
Alienware Aurora
Intel core i7-920 overclocked to 4 ghz
6gb DDR3 RAM
Nvidia Geforce GTX 275
1680X1050 resolution

now I play the game maxed out except for SSAO and gpu water simulation with 4XAA and 16X Anisotropic.Now the fps never drops below 40 but the
game still feels laggy especially when I move with a parachute and the trees go past me in a "laggy" manner.This troubles my eyes
even though the fps never drops below 40.Also when I am deep in foilage and I rapidly turn the mouse in one direction the fps goes down rapidly from 50 to 28 and when I turn the mouse in other direction its back to 50.This happens only in the Jungles.Weirdly I get a rock solid 50 fps in cities as long as I dont observe it from above.But in foilage why does it lag in particular directions.the jumping between 30 and 50 is making the game very difficult to play as even when I am getting 45 fps the game feels laggy.even metro 2033 and crysis feels smoother at 34 fps.I HAVE VSYNC ENABLED WITH FORCED TRIPLE BUFFERING FROM D3D OVERRIDER.Are the lags becoz of my video card.Will a upgrade to a gtx 460 make the game smoother to play and ESPECIALLY stop these lags in foilage?
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  1. What happens if you disable v-sync?

    Even though you have triple buffering forced does it make a difference. Why not turn down some settings and see if it gets better, then you will know you need more power.
  2. lol.lowering the settings isn't helping at all.In its default settings configuration just cause 2 defaults to gpu water simulation on and EVERY OTHER FEATURE AT LOW AND I still get around 40-50 fps but I don't find the water to be worth 15 fps so I disabled it and put every other slider on max.now I get 40-50 plus fps but it lags in particular areas.for example in kampung tiang emias area when I enter the foilage and rapidly turn the mouse it lags in a particular direction.even when i lower the settings the lag is still there except that instead of lagging from 45 to 29fps it lags from 60 to 40.also i can't bear disabling vsync because the tears are way too much for me to stand.

    as for requiring a high end 5850 to run the game I simply cannot believe it.I mean my rig can handle crysis all maxed with no anti aliasing at 30-40fps so there is no way my rig should have trouble running just cause 2.In any case as I simply love the game I am willing to upgrade to a 460 just for this game coz I don't think a 5850 is worth investing at my rez of 1680X1050.I just wanted confirmation whether those lags in the foliage in particular directions would stop with a gtx 460 coz that is my only problem.In other areas there are times whe nI even get 63 fps but these lags in foilage from 60-40 are very disturbing
  3. My gaming rig is as follows
    Alienware Aurora<-- And That's the problem right there!
    Intel core i7-920 overclocked to 4 ghz
    6gb DDR3 RAM
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 275
    1680X1050 resolution

    First you should do is disable vsync completely, I have a 5850 and it becomes unplayable if i enable vsync, very bad drops from 60 to 30fps all the time, even though triple buffering is supposed to avoid that.

    The gtx275 isn't THAT far away from the 5850 in terms of performance, you should be able to play it at near max settings excluding SSAO without a problem.
  4. Nor do I, though i just play at 1360x768, when you look at the benchmarks the 5850 is a good 30%+ ahead of the gtx 275, what i'm saying is it's not an astronomical difference and it should be more than playable on the 275 especially with SSAO off, and he say he still get lag with all the settings on low that just ain't right.
  5. actually the lags only happen in deep foilage areas when I enter an area which has a lot of around me and when I rapidly move the mouse, in a particular direction it lags from 60-40.And I know that vsync cuts the fps in half so I forced triple buffering using D3D Overrider from rivatuner so the drops stopped.Also disabling sync is not helping.I am starting to think that its the game itself because evn on default settings it lags in foilage.

    @dipankar2007 Ind what resolution are you playing at? according to this review 5850 is just 1 fps faster than 275 at 1680X1050

  6. That's a 5830 review right there not a 5850
  7. Just cause 2 is a very nvidia-biased game, but in general performance the 5850 is about 30% better than a gtx275.

    I think your performance is about right, JC2 drops to about 40 fps for me on very loaded areas, all maxed includiong SSAO and 4xaa, it's just a little bit annoying, but that's completely subjective what may disturb others might not even be noticeable for some.

    It's a demanding game, you'd have to upgrade if you want silk smooth gameplay 100% of the time
  8. what is your average fps in just cause 2?
  9. solved the problem.it seems as if just cause 2 feels laggy at all fps except 50 plus.so i disabled SSAO completely and moved object detail to high and now the game is flying with 50 plus fps with no drops whatsoever with 4XAA 16AF.But still I wished they could make the game visibly smoother at 40-50 fps like crysis which feels smooth at 35 fps.secondly the difference between object detail on high vs very high produces lags in the foilage which they should optimise in a patch.
  10. I see you solved the problem already. I was going to say about Vsync. No matter how old/powerful a game/card is, when capping frames usually gives a "bit" of "lag" feel.

    For example, my Half-life 2 runs at 150+FPS with everything maxed out, however, when I turn Vsync on, caps at 60 FPS and gives me lag when I move the camera.

    But yeah, your problem prolly wasn't that, but what Wiinippongamer said, and also, it is a ported game, so playing ported games on PC always ends up with at least 1 thing wrong.
  11. in just cause 2 the lag isn't like other games.I mean that when the fps drops from 60 to 47 in othe games I don't notice the difference but in just cause 2 when the fps goes down from 60 to just 45 the players walking animation slows down plus the laggy trees trouble my eyes when driving.Its as if the game is designed to play at nothing except 60fps.at 47 fps when the game is supposed to be smooth this game lag.If I disable vsync some of the lag stops but the tears really destroy the image qualtiy so I had rather play with vsync on plus high detail rather than vsync off plus very high detail.besides I don't notice any difference between the two.
  12. Yeah, I know what you mean, that's why I said console ported games. It's because they always feel weird, even when getting big FPS something makes it not feel like that at all.

    That's why PC exclusive games don't give you that kind of trouble, cos they are optimized for that not to happen. That's why Crysis at 30fps is very playable, and Just cause 2-Assasins creed 2 etc are not.
  13. ok.i am seriously convinced that the game is completely when it comes to frames per second.I have reached the level where razor takes over his second stronghold and the game was continously lagging when I pointed towards area deep with trees.I checked FRAPS and I saw that in that area I was getting like 45 fps but it felt as if the game was running at 30.i HOPE EIDOS RELEASE A PATCH FOR THIS GAME BCOZ THE INPUT LAG IS TERRIBLE AT ANY FPS LESS THAN 50.I am back to playing BFBC2 and mafia 2 which at least feel smooth at 48 and 34 fps respectively
  14. disable vsync, and see the difference

    i play half of my games with VSYNC OFF...

    vsync puts a semi-cap to FPS. really downgrading
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