I just acquired a dell laptop. My roomate has Verizon Fios internet and says I can tap in wirelessly and use my sony Baravia TV as a monitor. I know virtually nothing about it. What do I need to do to connect this Dell desktop to Wifi?
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  1. In the lower right hand corner by the clock you should see a wireless icon, double-click on it and it will come up with a list of wireless networks you can see. One of them will be yours. Double-click on it, it will ask you for a password, if security was setup. Enter it and you're connected.

    For using your TV as a monitor, you will need a video cable. Your laptop will have either a VGA, HDMI, or DVI video out. Find out which one you have, look at the TV back and find a matching connector. The TV should have at least one, or all of those. Buy a cable to match, connect TV to laptop with the cable, turn on the laptop, you should see the laptop desktop on the TV.
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