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What is the best build

ok i am going to be building a new system an would like some good insite
1)what is the best gameing rig i can build money is not an issue
2)what is better for gameing amd or intel

i wont a sys that i can and will get 60+ fps never droping below 60fps ever if its out there plz tell me the parts i can look up the price i use newegg since im in canada :o

also till i buy my new rig i need a new case for my old one what is the cheapest but best case with good airflow and alot of cable managment caint stand messy wires need to clean it up i have a slim tower and it gets 2 hot in side using a desk fan 90% of the time to keep my stuff cool
ty Lynmachine
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More about what build
  1. What screen resolution?

    It's easy to put together a system that won't go below 60 fps if you're running at a resolution of 640x480 but you won't necessarily like it.
  2. 1) what res? max budget? How many monitors?
    2) intel

    for case HAF 922
  3. i have a 1900x900 is what i have would like to run a lil more tho
  4. the hef 922 am i able to get it in blue leds or is it just the red fan led and i can change the fans ???
  5. yeah first thing you should think about is what do you want maybe 3 monitors or 2 1920x1080 if money isn't an issue this would be a pretty good choice
  6. You will have to go with dual 580s if you want to keep those framerates up there, 60+ on metro 2033 is real hard at high res
  7. Is a new monitor a part of this new build? If you have an existing monitor what is its make and model?

    Do you plan on using multiple monitors? How many?
  8. i think what im asking is this im keeping these parts
    300gb hdd
    cd/dvd burner
    moniter acer x203h 60hz 1600x900

    i wont to know what would be the best parts to use to get never under 60+ fps on high quality high everything and 1600x900 res
    parts i will need


    games bfbc2,lfd3,black opps,cod and diablo 3 when it comes out
    none have to be overclockable but i know how to so its not a proplem
    curintly oc my ati 5450 to get my 30fps on low lol not fun
  9. eventualy going to run 3 moniters hope to be 3 25" moniters dont know the res of them but mine now is a acer x203h 60hz 1600x900
  10. going to bed ill cheack back in the morning ty for any help new to building comps i know alot of specs but to know what works with what besides connections and power like ghz hz and mhz i dont know any help even if you have a very good system let me know what you got and tell me how many avg fps your getting not your highest not your lowest your avg ty very much
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