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  1. okay, here is my plan of action, most of it looks good, except a few things.

    First I would get a better Video card, like a HD 5670, which go for around $85-95.

    I would recommend a Samsung Spinpoint F3, which there is a 500GB model for $50

    The PSU should be fine, but it wont be really good if you plan to expand to like a full out gaming card. But to run the system you posted, it should be perfectly fine.

    Oh and I happen to own the CPU you posted, its really good, I run games like Bad Company 2 at almost max settings. So it should run WoW fine with a HD 5670.
  2. Check out dis PSU

    Grab a ASUS GTX 450
    It is about $15 more but more powerful than HD 5750
  3. Here's a trial build, $561 with $3 shipping. It uses your choice of CPUs, but with a 770 motherboard combo, the GTS450 with the operating system. A nice case for $15 less then your case choice and a 500w Antec power supply- a bronze rated supply.

    CPU/mobo - $124

    OS/GPU - $225 windows7 64 with a EVGA GTS450

    RAM - $55 G.Skill 2x2 GB DDR3 1.5v

    PSU - $50 Antec 500w Earthwatts

    Case - $39 Compucase Blitz

    HD - $50 Samsung F3 500GB

    Burner - $17 - LG

    Even if you don't use this build, perhaps some of the items may be useful.

    BTW a review of the Asrock 870 CAFE

    another PS. This review from Tom's on WoW cataclysm,2793.html
  4. Since you won't even be playing that many graphically intensive games, here are a few parts I would use instead:

    MOBO: ASRock M3A770DE-- --
    $20 cheaper than the board you chose; it can do Crossfire too, in case you ever want to throw in a second GPU.

    RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Essentials 4GB DDR3-- --
    It's only $37. RAM doesn't need to be all flashy and expensive as long as it gets the job done.

    CASE: PSI Soar 088-- -- This is a nice little budget case, with plenty of room for most graphic cards.

    GPU: Powercolor AX5770--
    This is $10 cheaper than the GTS 450 dirtmountain posted, and is quite a bit faster. Also, it uses less power and takes up less space, as it's a single slot card. I'm also recommending this because you'll be able to put a second one in the motherboard I suggested and give yourself a nice Crossfire setup.

    I use this card, and I can say without a doubt it's amazing. I can run Crysis Warhead on Enthusiast (without AA) at 1600x1200 and get 30+ frames constantly. This is with a Pentium D 945 and 2GB of RAM, mind you. I'm trying to finish getting all the parts for a new i5 760 build, but it's all getting me by just fine for now.

    As for your PSU, I recommend this Xigmatek 500 watt: --
    ~$45. It's 80+ bronze, very good efficiency. Plenty of power for even a GTX 580. More than enough for Crossfiring two HD 5870s or even a single HD 5970 as well.

    I would have recommended the 400 watt for $10 less, as that's what I'm using, but it went out of stock a week or two ago.

    A good 500GB HDD would be this Hitachi 7200RPM (it's OEM, just in case you're wondering): --~$38
  5. dirtmountain said:

    Jeez, I'm surprised I never saw that Xigmatek review. Nothing like my 400 watt.

    Well, OP, you could always try this 430 watt Corsair.

    About the GTS 450 though, both of those are factory overclocked models that cost well over $150-$160. The 5770 I chose is the cheapest one available (~$120, new), and still costs less than those two cards.
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