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I need to find a website that sells the radeon 6870 and ships it internationally. Sorry about the double post, it said it was recognised as spam and blocked or something so i posted again. I cant afford this GPU from the New Zealand sites as its $200 NZ dollars more than it is on all the US sites.
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  1. Just a word of warning, should the product be DOA or break after a week or two, returning it will be a huge hassle. For that reason I prefer to pay a bit more but at least have a good return solution should the product be defective.

    Just keep that in mind before you order :P
  2. Thanks for your input. Unfortunately amzon.com was the second place i looked and none of those cards ship internationally. The myUS2 is a brilliant idea and i might use them in the future, just a little waery of paying a signup fee before i even pay a shipping fee :-/ The mwave.com was also a brilliant idea, but as far as i can see they only ship within Australia, so i will check another Australian site later tonight (big stats test in 3 hours). But i have pretty much come to the conclusion its best to use pricespy.co.nz, get the lowest NZ price, and just pay more :-/
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