ATI 6850 using 10.10e drivers BSOD at every startup

So i got myself a new Gigabyte 6850 to throw in my system cause i felt the urge for something new. I uninstalled the previous drives shutdown and put the 6850 in. Rebooted fine, got into Win7 with the 640*480 res and install the 10.10e which are for the 6 series. installed fine, reboot, after the windows logo comes up saying windows is starting and it starts to initalise drivers the screen goes black for 2 seconds then i BSOD. Does this every time. Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed. ATIKMPAG.SYS is the file that does this everytime.

So i thought that a lean install was in order so i did that and once install i tried again with no luck. Again the same ATIKMPAG.SYS is at fault. so i hit my F8 and repear my computer. i do a system restore to before i installed the drivers and i reboot. Again in gets into windows fine but at the 640*480 res.

I do a search for this issue and couldn't find anyone with it being the same situation as mine. I find that a Von Dach at guru3d ( that does mods to the drives so i grab the modded 10.10e and the 10.10d. I also find that amd version of 10.10d. I again do a fresh install and install each version to the same end.

So i do search of my message and find out that TDR goes with this message. So i do a regedit to extend the time before it timesout from 2 seconds to 5seconds and the extra time didn't help. So i do another regedit to turn it of completly and after about 10seconds the systems freezes on a black screen.

So everytime i installed a new round of drivers it was on a completly new win7 installation. Nothing is left behind from the old driver installs. I've tried the AMD 10.10, 10.10d, 10.10e and 10.11. I've tried the Von Dach 10.10d and 10.10e. None work, all giving me the same BSOD. so i pull my 6850 out and put a 4350 in and it boots straight into windows, no BSOD, it configures itself, i reboot, logs in fine at native res no problems running the 10.10e drivers.

I've tried installing all the motherboard drivers, Doesn't help. I've got the latest BIOS. The system is NOT OC'ed. Im only running 1 500Gb WD HDD ATM. Rest of the system is

AMD x3 720
Asus Crosshair IV Formula
4GB ocz 1333mhz
750W Seasonic PSU

So any ideas? Cause im out of them.

Thanks, Beau
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  1. Hi Beau,

    I have exactly the same problem. I have two Gigabyte 6850s in Crossfire on an Asus M4A78T-E mobo (AMD 790GX chipset), with a PhenomII X3 720BE, 4GB of 1600MHz Corsair DDR3, running Win7 64bit HP, all powered off a Xilence 700W PSU (CrossfireX certified).

    Every time I boot up with one or both 6850 it gets to desktop, waits about 5-10seconds, BSOD and reboot. If I go in safe mode and uninstall the graphics drivers, next time it boots in VGA mode, and is OK. Reinstall graphics driver and BSODs next reboot.

    I've tried various Catalyst packages, including the ones from the Gigabyte CD, fro their website, and the latest 10.10s from AMD's website. Also flashed VGA bioses, mobo BIOS and have all latest drivers & updates.

    The common elements seem to be Win7, Asus mobo, 6850 graphics and PII720 CPU. Why this combo would do this, I dunno. If anybody out there has any ideas, I'm sure there are at least two of us who'd be really grateful of any help.


  2. If i had a 32bit win7 i'd give that a go but....

    The mobo shouldn't matter. mines 890fx yours is 790GX.

    This gpus are interesting. If you only use one of them at a time can you get it working?

    seems very unlikly to be the CPU. Wish i had another one to swap in to test tho
  3. Even just running one card it does the same thing.

    I know what you mean about CPU and mobo - I wonder if it is an Asus thing - maybe a BIOS issue, or PCIe driver maybe.

    Gonna have another go tonight. Will post if anything major happens.

  4. Well i just put it into the other computer that we have in the house which is a amd 4400+, a gigabyte 780G mobo and 2gb ram. So its got nothing to do with the boards then still stuck on the win7 64 bit
  5. Possible to reinstall dx11?
  6. Not that i am aware of. I don't think micrososft has released a redisto of it.
  7. No, I checked. That used to work back in the good old days of DX9 ;)

    My update this evening:

    6850s in Crossfire = BSOD
    one 6850 only = BSOD
    other 6850 only = BSOD
    old 4870 back in = everything perfect (but DX10.1 only)

    Need my PC to be stable this weekend, so I might wait out Catalyst 10.12, which is apparently the first proper release supporting the 68xx cards.

    Alternatively, I may get bored and continue fiddling with it.
  8. Do you have ASUS AIsuite installed? I read on another forum that a driver associatedwith that can cause this problem. Might be worth uninstalling that and having another go...

    Link is here:

    #good luck!

  9. no i don't have the any of the asus software installed. I just went down and bought another one of the cards. Sent the other one off on warranty. Put the card in, installed the drivers, restarted and is working like a charm so my issue was a faulty card
  10. Glad you got yours sorted. I wonder if mine are faulty too. They could just be a couple from a bad batch. What happens if you RMA them and they're not found to be faulty tho? Don't want to get stung with two lots of restocking fees. Hmm.
  11. im from australia and if there not faulty they charge you $35/hr that they tested if for in the shop. I tried mine in a second machine to be sure that the cards was faulty and was doing the same thing on both machines. Can i suggest that you do the same thing? Atleast that rulesout your system.
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