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Removing PCI Slot?

Hello, I recently bought a Radeon HD 6850 and its really huge. It won't fit on my motherboard because a PCI slot is blocking it from being pressed down to fit into the PCI-E slot.

I am in a similar situation as this person,

This is a picture of the motherboard, and below the blue pci-e slot you can see a white pci slot, that's what is blocking me from inserting my gpu.

Should I follow the suggest steps given, cutting it out with x-acto knife?

Also, what's a plastic shroud?
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    The best answer was to cut the GPU shroud (the piece of plastic that protects the fan), not the PCI slot. Either modification will void the warranty of the modified component. Cutting the PCI slot might cause very serious issues with the motherboard. My recommendation is to buy a GPU that fits properly.
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