Gaming Laptop: Asus G53 vs Toshiba Qosimo X505

Ok so I have been saving up for a while and am looking for a good gaming laptop that semi-portable and Iv narrowed it down to two different choices.

The Asus
ASUS G Series G53JW-XN1 for 1199.99 USD

The Toshiba
TOSHIBA Qosmio for 1079.00 USD

Im not sure which one to get and was looking for some imput from some WoW players/gamers/anyone(lol) because i am basically getting this for WoW/School.
These are my 2 main choices from all the laptops i researched and if there is any other laptop anyone would reccoment for a 1200.00 USD limmit please post a link.

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  1. What did you decide? I have a Qosmio X505-Q890 and I have never had a better looking or performing laptop in my life. Plays Dragon Age and Crysis at the highest resolution and maintains great frame rates. Super all-round machine.
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