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Sabertooth AM3+ not posting a display

Hey everyone, I have a Sabertooth AM3+ and a FX 6100 i took out my Phenom 955 and M4a88td evo-usb3 motherboard and installed the sabertooth and Processor correct. Plugged in the Video card correctly, flipped the power switch and the computer turned on. Lights and everything but....nothing came on the screen, Just a blank screen. I tryed the TV and my Monitor. Nothing. I flipped it off and back on still nothing. I have moved the memory around, Still nothing. I checked and made sure the Sata Cables were right. Nothing. After 7 Hours of tampering with it. I decided to put the old parts back in it and make sure everything was working but before i did that. I called my friend that helped me build it and we tryed taking out the CPU and putting the 955 in the Sabertooth but still nothing. I have put everything back in it like it was before. The computer can run games just as good as it could before

The only sad thing is, its been about 2 months since ive purchased it, So im thinking return is out of the Question. As well as the Warranty has been registered with the CPU and Motherboard.....

If any advice on what to do, please help!
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  1. Does dram led show up, if then it could be a ram issue. Check out the blue jumper make sure its on the first two and check if the graphics card is on properly because no post then it will most likely be GPU. Try the speaker. If its 1 long bleep and 2 short ones that means gpu failure.
  2. Well The speaker wouldnt beep at even boot up. I did notice a adapterin the box a lil while ago, i may try that adapter and see if it fixed anything but i really wish i would have gotten a new graphics card instead...the amount of money the mobo and cpu cost shoot, i could have gotten a 570
  3. I have fixed the problem. I tried different CPU one more time and worked. i couldnt boot into windows tho cause ive changed too much hardware. so i went back to old parts. This weekend. Im going to get another copy of win7 and i have ordered another hardrive like a ihave nowand just reinstall as if i was building from the start again. Im planning on using the parts i have spare to build another machine for my Dad to game on. Im planning on doing SLI. But im not sure if i wanna get another GTX 560 ti (Reference) or getting a better performer single card when price drops show. Please Either reply with reccomendations!
  4. Have you tried following the guide below? It's probably the 4/8-pin CPU power connector.
  5. Update: I'm having to send in the FX 6100 probably because everytime i power on the computer with that CPU in it. I can't get a display. But i used the 955 to install windows and i was told if i change the CPU later down the road it may not cause me to have to re-install windows..Im gonna atempt maybe to update bios and see if that changes anything. If you guys can help on this it'd be most helpful
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    I fixed it!!!!, i got everything running thanks for everyone's contributions and help!. What i needed to do was use my Phenom to update bios and then once bios was updated the FX support is up. Thanks all
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