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Artifacts, need help!!

Guys I have a Biostar 5570 in my old rig[the full height version]. For the past week I am experience random artifacts that fill up the whole screen, they are small rectangles. then the computer locks and VPU recover resets the driver, sometimes it does not and I have to hard reboot. It first happened during balck ops, then in Hot pursuit and now happens everywhere even in Counter Strike 1.6 and the normal desktop too!

I just took it out and looked around, and I saw this -

Is this component blown up? Can this cause the artifacting problem?
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  1. I'm not a hardware expert, but that definetly does not look good. Thos are the classic signs of a GPU going out.

    What are your temps?? It's not OCed is it?
  2. It is on stock clocks, and the temps of the GPU are 45-46 on idle and around 75 under load. When these artifacts come up and VPU recover does not reset the GPU, If i lower or higher the memory clock even by 5, the artifacts go away and then i bring it back to defaults and it runs fine for a few minutes, sometimes hours. It is really frustrating when you are playing a game and it locks up.
  3. Please help guys!
  4. There is no help here aside from getting a new video card. Since it seems lowering the speeds just a tiny bit you are OK, run it that way. Loosing 5, 10 in clock speeds will give you absolutely no differences in games.
  5. What hang the 9 said is absolutely right, but if you were confident you could try oven baking your card. I hear that fixes some cards with artifacts. I'd rather go with the above post first personally.
  6. That fixes just temporarily, it happens again when the card feels like.
    And if you could temme how to bake the card? I get that it means heating so that solder melts and joins again, but how to do it?

    Or should I get it RMA?
  7. If it's in warranty, get it replaced. If you mess around with trying to fix it, chances are that they will deny the warranty.
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    I would just RMA it if you can. If you want to bake it though,

    1: remove heatsink and thermal paste
    2: preheat oven to 385F to 400F( NO HIGHER!) ( gas mark 6)
    3: lay foil over the oven rack
    4: make 4 balls of foil, about 4cm high,
    5L when the oven is heated to its corrent temperature, put the graphics card on the 4 balls, one on each corner )
    6: leave for around 6-10 mins, NO MORE THAN 12 OR IT WILL MELT
    7: ENOJOY!!!
  9. It is in warranty and i have sent it for RMA, thanks everybody.
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