Psu and tower fan not running

Hey all, I have a bizarre problem going on with my computer right now and I was hoping the community here could help me out with it before I go shelling out hundreds of dollars to a local repair shop.

I first noticed something was wrong when my computer started crashing every time I played 5 minutes of Total War: Shogun 2 even on lowered graphics settings. I have an Nvidia GTX 295 and a Core i7-940 processor so this shouldn't be happening. Then, two days later, Star Wars: The Old Republic started crashing in five minutes or less too even though I played it for 10 hours a day in the days just before. Then it got worse. I tried watching a movie trailer and a minute into it my computer would crash. I knew I had to fix this somehow, so I opened up my machine and noticed one of the two front fans, the one connected nearest to the power supply, was not spinning. Then I noticed the power supply fan itself is not spinning. The power supply lights are on, everything is plugged in as far as I can tell (I might have jiggled something loose though), and the rest of the machine seems to be powering on fine. After looking inside the machine, I haven't even been able to get it to boot up any more. It's currently completely inoperable. Any idea what needs fixing here?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I should mention that the tower has 3 other fans all connected to the one that doesn't work and the power supply and they are working just fine. I haven't been able to locate where these are supposed to plug into the motherboard, I built this rig 3 years ago and forgot what it's supposed to look like inside. There is a loose 4-pin connector attached to them and a spot that it fits in nicely called "cha fan" and a 3-pin slot called "psu fan" but plugging these in only makes the entire computer refuse to power on.
  2. Post your HW, error log...
  3. nikorr said:
    Post your HW, error log...

    I don't understand the question. It's a Rosewill 1000W power supply and an Antec 900 case being plugged into an Asus p6x58d Premium motherboard. I am given no error now, but when the games crashed it usually just booted me to the desktop or gave me a blue screen of death and restarted the computer.
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