Fastest DVD Burner at Newegg asus or samsung?

Asus Black w/out litescribe

Samsung SH-S233C w/out lightscire

The main difference is the Samsung can read Dual Layer DVD+ at 16x instead 12x

While the Asus can read DVD+R @ 24x instead of 22x, and finally the dvd-rom access time on asus is 140ms instead of 150ms.

Which one of these would burn dvd's faster??

I would of thought the Samsung, but x2 more on dual layers is probably a little faster, but would be slower on dvd+r,

I already have the Asus Black in a computer and seems to be good, but there so cheap I figured why not get it for burning DL!
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  1. don't buy the samsung it's freakin loud I own one in my current rig and I hate the thing all my fans combined aren't louder than that thing.

    I think the samsung would burn faster though, the asus is probably much quieter.
  2. I have never heard my asus burner. The samsung would only be for buring DVD+R DL because it has x16 instead of x14

    I don't know of how much increase this will be, but for 16$ is worth a shot.

    I really don't want any more noise than what my fans do so I might just pass.
  3. Without checking the model # I think I have that asus one in my rig.
    And without any other drive as comparison it works well and no complaints on it.
    It's not really loud at all and burns like it's supposed to.

    Then again as you said the fans in my case make much more noise then the drive so I probably coudn't even hear it with my head next to the case.
  4. I have about 5 in right now and use to have 7, but the GPU fan is the only who makes noise and it is set at 39% so I can't hear unless I put it at 50-76% when playing games.

    I just don't understand why we pay thousands of dollars to make our computer extremely fast and we got these cheap dvd drives as the fastest ones on the market??

    They need to make the "ssd" of dvd drives, like what ssd did to regular hds.

    The dvd drive seems to be limiting me.
  5. 22x and 24X are theoretical burn speeds. In reality, no 22X or 24X speed drive will actually burn disks at those speeds due to actual media limitations. You are better off just picking a quality brand. Plus they are cheap enough to be practically disposable.
  6. I have:
    2 200mm
    1 140mm
    1 120mm pwm
    GPU fan xfx 5850 20%

    HAF 922 with all fans listed stock

    Yeah maybe there is some way to quiet down these dvd drives it isn't vibration though it's just the spinning.
  7. Mine has never done that thing, where you are installing a new game, or having it read a dvd, and you hear it start to run and when its running it does that hum when it is working hard.

    It never looses its breath, I never thought about but I have never heard it make sound besides when I open it to put a dvd in.
  8. I gotta get this thing and keep my old one as a back up, the question starter was more helpful than the answerer, sorry :bounce:
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