Need help immediately

Guys please if you are reading this ,then please help me out .....

I need your excellent suggestions to rectify my config and solve my problems.. my config and problems are understated.
My config is listed below...

Processor - Intel core i7 950
Mobo - Asus Sabertooth x58
RAM - Corsair Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D 6 GBs
GPU - Msi n560 GTX Ti Twin Frozer2/OC
Case - Nzxt Guardian 921 RB
PSU - Corsair GS800
CPU Cooler - Not yet decided
Display LED - Not yet decided

Problems that i am facing are. ---

I cannot sort out a nice CPU Cooler to cool my processor and easily get fit in my case(Nzxt Guardian 921 RB) without probing me... so please help me out and suggest me a good nice cpu cooler that i can use in my case(Nzxt Guardian 921 RB).

My case specifications are -



DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) - 206X459X522 mm

COOLING SYSTEM - (FRONT, 1 X 120 mm LED FAN [Included] REAR, 1 X 120 mm FAN [Included], SIDE PANEL, 1 X 120 mm LED FAN [Included], TOP, 1 x 120/140mm)








WEIGHT - 8.2 kg


CPU COOLER CLEARANCE 144.4mm (with fan), 169.4mm (without fan)
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  1. davcon said:
    Buy a good cooler and get rid of the side fan.
    Side fans do very little, cooling wise, compared to a full size cpu cooler.


    I'd only install a side-fan for the cooling of a graphics card, like I did in my PC. It keeps cool air directly blowing onto the graphics card, and drops the temperatures about 5'C under full load.
  2. That's great but the OP wants to cool his cpu.
    DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) - 206X459X522 mm
    CPU COOLER CLEARANCE 144.4mm (with fan), 169.4mm (without fan)

    I have this Noctua cooler install on my i7-950 and my i7-930 systems. It works well at keeping these CPUs cool under 3.5Ghz OC's and it is very quiet.

    This will fit in cases that are 205mm wide with a bit of room to spare. Your case calls out 169.4mm of height available for the CPU cooler total height (the way they list dimensions indicates to me they "assume" you have a cooler with a down blowing fan as the 144mm H with fan and 169mm H without fan are gee 25mm apart which is the thickness of a standard fan).

    So, the Noctua is 158mm H, you have 169.4mm H that leaves 11.4 mm to spare.....

    I just measured this on my Antec P183 case (205mm case width) and confirmed this 11.4mm clearance top of CPU cooler to case inside cover..
  4. DAVCON is right, you'll have to ditch that fan mounted on the side panel to use most aftermarket CPU coolers. But, that side fan is really ONLY their for those using stock coolers anyhow, you won't need it....

    And, no, the Stock cooler on an i7-950 really isn't good enough. Even for stock CPU speeds, the temperatures climb WAY above 70C when running under loads like Prime95..........
  5. Do i really have to do that ... because that side panel fan as reviewed on other sites (bit-tech, tech legion, and ) is supposed to ventilate cool air in and circulate it then, actually i am new here and i am really sorry for dissapproving you but please suggest me a way so that the side panel fan remain at the place where it is and i can use a cooler ... ..

    and listen guys i have following availabilities also so please if any of these would work..?

    1. Scythe KATANA3 3Heat Pipes CPU Cooler (SCKTN-3000)
    2. Cooler Master Hyper N520 CPU Cooler (RR-920-N520-GP)
    3. Tagan TG1366-1156 Heatpipe CPU Cooler
    4. Cooler Master Hyper N620 (RR-B20-N620-GP) CPU Cooler
    5. Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.B CPU Cooler

    and initially my choice was <u><b>Cooler Master Hyper N620 CPU Cooler.</u></b>
    so can u guys please tell me if this cooler will get fit in my case..? :(
  6. Too tight won't fit (143mm)

    Too tight, won't fit (141mm)

    Won't fit at all (160.7mm)

    Won't fit at all (158mm)

    The Tagan apparently has a couple styles with nearly same number :

    Dimension net / gross (W x H X D) 97 x 104 x 124 mm / 120 x 130/173 x 124 mm

    Not sure What the H measurement is. BUT, I would not purchase this cooler over the standard stock cooler that usually come with the i7-950.

    If you simply Must leave that side fan in place you need a down blowing cooler like this one. If you can find an alternative with at least a 120mm or 140mm fan, then you will be best off sticking with the Stock factory cooler....

    Or this : Scythe Big Shuriken SCBSK-1000 120mm CPU Cooler
  7. Best answer
    If you feel you must keep the side fan.
    The Noctua NH-C12P SE14 is your best option.
    If that's too much get one of these.
    jb6684 the Scythe Big Shuriken is a good cooler but it's not up to the challenge cooling an i7 9xx cpu.
    The Scythe SCRT-1000 "RASETSU" is a better choice.
    1. Scythe KATANA3 3Heat Pipes CPU Cooler (SCKTN-3000) - 160mm won't fit
    2. Cooler Master Hyper N520 CPU Cooler (RR-920-N520-GP) - 141mm = not too bad performs above TX3 and below 212+
    3. Tagan TG1366-1156 Heatpipe CPU Cooler - it will fit but i have no idea about performance = relatively unknown in N.A.
    4. Cooler Master Hyper N620 (RR-B20-N620-GP) CPU Cooler - 160mm won't fit
    5. Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.B CPU Cooler - 158.5mm won't fit
  8. I hear ya DAVCON, I've got a couple of i7-9xx CPU an they really do demand the best of air to air coolers if you want to OC to any extent.

    I'd go for this cooler if I ever built another i7-9xx, BUT, why would one do an i7-9xx now that Sandy Bridge is fully on the scene?

    Wasn't sure about the performance of the Big Shuriken with that Low, Low Profile fan.... OP could add a better fan if that's all he can get in his country....
  9. @jb6684

    Yea i am really confused between sandybridge and bloomfield... i heard a sandybridge(i7 2600k) is same as i7 980x in terms of performance and will cost me same as i7 950 in my region. So should i go with a sandybridge based rig??

    If that is so then suggest me a CPU cooler for that..
  10. If you haven't built yet buy a 2500K it's the price/performance value of the new SB's.
    It's also much easier to cool then an i7 9xx series cpu.
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  12. just wondering, does this case fit a 30 cm graphics card and also if it supports water cooling systems?
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