DDR 512mb and 1gb

i need to know that having two slots in my motherboard ms-7228, can i install one memory ram of kinston DDR of 512mb and another 1gb in another slot??

AS they both will be DDR
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    Looks like that is this board:

    Which says this:

    Main Memory

    • Supports 2 slots for 184-pin DDR DRAM DIMM modules.
    • Supports DDR 400/333/266.
    • Supports a maximum memory size of 2GB for DDR400

    Meaning you should be fine running 1 - 512 and 1 - 1gb as that adds up to only 1.5gb and it supports up to 2. As long as they are DDR 400/333/266 it should work.

    I will note that it won't run dual channel in that config - so the memory throughput will be a little lower than if they were matched sticks...but in this case I doubt you'd notice at all.
  2. yup and thanks you
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