HP p6310y video card upgrade???

My Mom has the HP p6310y desktop and it has 9100 Nvidia onboard graphics, which is obviously crappy!

I just built my computer so I put in my 9400GT that i bought about a year ago, and it has a little fan that has completely
gone to hell!

Her computer has one x16 PCI Express, and the 9400GT fit with room and it is 4.376" width by 6.6" length.

The Power Supply is only a 300 watt, with a AM3 X4 630 on a AM2+ board using 6gb memory and 1tb HD 5400rpm.

Since the only cards that I found to fit her computer are very cheap, I figured I would get a XFX card for its Double Warranty.

I would prefer a fan less graphics card especially for how cheap it is going to be, but I just don't want to replace it again in a year.

Here is what I have considered:

Mainly these two:
XFX 4350HD 49.99

XFX 9400GT 39.99 +14.99MIR

Which one of these should I get?? Or do you have any other recommendation?
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  1. I was wondering if this one will work; msi 5450

  2. What do you plan on doing with this computer after the video upgrade? The reason I ask is because the 5450 is a turd of a card. It will work in that computer, but it's not much of a performer.
  3. She liked the performance of the 9400gt, because she has a 200$ 20" which looks pretty nice with the 9400gt.

    She watchs movies on it, and they use to play so good on it, but when I heard the gpu fan from the other room, I opened the case and the thing was probably getting ready to smoke.

    I know that there are some higher strength cards that are rated for 400 watt psu's, but I just stuck with the ones rated for
    300 watt's to play it safe and make less problems.

    Anyways right now I have the 4550HD in my newegg cart for her. Any other card above it was rated 400watt psu.

    The nicer ones I want to get but realized she probably wouldn't need were the 5570, 4650 and 4670.
  4. Does the DVI output of the integrated graphics not look nice on the 20" monitor or play badly? I would use that since you didn't mention games at all.

    If you really want a movie playing dedicated video card you don't need a 1GB card. Get a 512MB 5450 such as this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161321

    Don't worry about power requirements. 300W is plenty for a 5450.
  5. I have seen a major decrease in video playback, very un-seemless.

    Things ran a lot better with the 9400GT even know it was a lame card. This cheap card's fan died in less than a year, so I wanted to get something cheap and easily replaceable and preferably no fan.

    Anycard that pars on 9400GT or above would be just fine, I didn't want to get anything that was rated 400 watt because I didn't want her computer to strain at because it is a light desktop, and isn't meant for any card that needs power from the psu.

    According to Toms lastest chart, all the video cards were talking about are on the same tier and all have the same performance.
    So I rather just get the more solid pick thats cheaper.
  6. The 5450 512MB card I listed above will be fine. Graphics memory does not affect movie playback.
  7. The only reason I would get it if it was more reliable and less likely to die on me.
    Because it costs more, it needs more power, and it has less performance.
  8. Okay I am about to order right now so here it is:

    Mom=HIS 5450 dx11 512mb DDR3 and my current 500gb wd external drive

    ME= 2nd set of Gksill RipJaw 1600 2x2gb

    2nd Caviar Black 1tb

    Which of these would you buy if you had to choose: 2nd gigabyte 5770 or Crucial sata 3 SSD 64gb??

    my build:
    Gksill 1600Cas7
    Cm 692 adv
    Caviar Black 1tb sata 3
    Asus DVD
    Windows 7 64ultimate
  9. I am very concerned on what SSD to get. I know if I get the 64gb, I will only have room for maybe 20-25gbs with
    windows 7/hibernat/drivers and updates and leaving 20% available.

    The 128gb would be plenty, I could probably install everything on it and wouldn't have to do anything special because with the same thing as above I would 75gb for programs applications and what ever.

    If I get the 64gb I could afford to get a 2nd 5770, this would be ok, because I would have 2x1tb drives and could use one in the right format to carry extra weight, after I fill the ssd with what I want(like i have now) and then have one for backup and all my media!

    I need an easy button :(

    either way any of these will work and will be a win win for me, I just want to have a balanced machine and with 8gb 1600cl7, super fast SSD, nice cpu, I would want my 5770 to hang by getting a 2nd which CFX would=stock 5870!
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