How to extend to 2 monitors from a laptop

Ive just purchased this laptop ( a Dell Vostro 3500. Now, i know this laptop does have a vga port and hdmi port, but i only have vga screens, i dont want to have to buy a new screen. But basically, i want one screen to extend one way, and the other the opposite side. So on oneside, i can run one application, on the other run another and on the laptop screen itself run another, can this be done? if so what do i need? maybe usb to vga or something, will this laptop support dual monitor extend?
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  1. Generally speaking, laptops cannot support more than one external monitor at a time. nVidia's top of the line GTX 480M laptop video card does not even support support 3 monitors.

    Only ATI's Mobility Radeon HD 54xx series or faster has Eyefinity which will allow you use more than 1 external monitor from your laptop.
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