6850 crossfire or 2gb Hd5870

One more thing i like to add that i be using EyeFinity.Right now i get 45-55 fps on Xfx 5870XXX.With crossfire it will speedup the pc performance and at the same time i get 2gb..So i thought better to get good advice from you guys
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  1. If you crossfire 2 1gb cards the usable memory will still be just 1gb, not 2gb, for example a 4870x2 1gb is actually 2 512mb cards and games will only be able to use 512mb.

    Crossfire 6850's will perform quite a bit better than a 2gb 5870, the extra 1gb won't help unless you're at extreme resolutions ( like 5000*3000 and above)
  2. As i said i use eyefinity so my resolution is 5760 x 1080 so in other words i should go with crossfire?
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    For eyefinity, it's more about GPU power than how much memory you have. I use Eyefinity at 5760x1080 and I could use more GPU power. So crossfire. The only time I've seen 2GB to be needed is when you have 2560x1600 per monitor in eyefinity.
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