New Build very very soon =D Recommendations pls

Hello hivemind,

I have been holding off on a build since Nov last year, waiting for the Sandy Bridge to come out.

Now it has arrived and the end of my slapstick rig is near!

So far through some research this is what I am going to get;

CPU: Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 - 2500k
Mobo: ASRock P67 Extreme4
RAM: Kingston HyperX Blu 2GB DDR3 1600 - 4 off (8GB in total)

HDD: ? I am currently stuck on which HDD to get, I currently have a 180GB HDD which I suspect is 7200RPM, and it seems ok, but I was looking into a SSD 80GB for the OS to run on, and A 400-500GB 10000RPM(7200?) HDD for games etc.

But on further reading I couldn't find anything really showing that the 7200 was massively outperformed by the 10000RPM disk, and actually noted that in most cases the 10000 disk was a fair bit louder. So I am quite stuck. Also would a SSD 80GB for the OS be ok? As I also noted that the video card takes a partition of HDD space to use... (idk - think I've been reading for too long now..)

And I was thinking about going to a 64 bit windows 7 OS with this system, wise or foolish? :??:

Current specs:
CPU: Core 2 Duo 6420 @ 2.1Ghz
RAM: 2GB of fairly average speed ram - 1000 I think
HDD: 180GB which has 1gb free space on it :O - at 7200RPM
GPU: 2x Radeon HD5770 cards Crossfired
Mobo: GA-965P-UD3 - I think...
OS: XP 32-bit

Thanks shinobi, you've been very helpful! ^^
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    Well you should get the Samsung F3 1tb for main and backup storage. As for your SSD, I think G.Skill makes one at that size for 150$ on Newegg. But one I know for sure is the OCZ Vertex 2 or Mushkin Callisto 60gb.

    *WARNING* Before you purchase an SSD though. Keep in mind the Vertex 3's and Sandforce 2000 controllers are coming out soon boasting 480mb read speed so you might want to hold off investment of an SSD till that comes.

    Video cards can be transfered over. As for the memory, you could check out the G.Skill Ripjaw X 8gb for 80$ @ newegg if you can go to the Egg. And yes getting Win7 is a smart choice.
  2. Thanks for the reply,

    So if I hold off on my purchase of an SSD, and just get the HDD which RPM should it be?(for gaming) does it matter that much?
    Also As I understand it, if I got the 1TB drive, put everything on it, and purged my current 180GB drive, and only ran the OS on the 180GB drive, and games etc on the 1TB disk, that means that When I do get the SSD or Vertex 3, that I will just be able to drop kick the 180GB and use the SSD for OS without too much hassle, is this correct?

    And that RAM is only @ 1066, I was looking at 1600 for the Kingston, because I have been caught out before, with the cheaper RAM, slower speed, bad OC etc.
    But again, Sadly I do not have unlimited funds to spend on this build, so obviously I have to be fairly smart with my purchase(s)

    So would the 1066 be quick for gaming? and ok for a reasonable OC - If I can be bothered to go down that path again :P

    Sadly the Egg doesn't ship outside of US, Damn Capitalists! >:O
  3. Haha well great thing I said IF you can go to Newegg. Haha.

    Umm 1066 is kind of meh... 1333 and 1600 is really the standard. At this point memory OCing with SB is obsolete because Intel made it so easy to OC your CPU or so they say. Personally never used SB though I'd like to get one, but no money =P so. Meh.

    As for the HDD sounds like a plan. Where exactly are you? Ausi? UK/EU? or CA?
  4. Yeah, Down Under with the Aussies. I am also thinking of buying an awesome tower case and making a water cooling setup, as I can't use my computer during some of the hotter summer days (40+ celsiuses ambient temp) but thats another story.

    Yeah, I would like to get the 1600 just for peace of mind really, more so than performance ( I would like to say 'to also future proof' but my current build was supposed to be 'futureproof' also and Still end up spending too much, so I will biff that theory out the window.)

    I still can't find anything definitive on the 7200RPM vs 10000RPM drives though (not for gaming at least)
  5. No need to get a 10K RPM drive, a 7200RPM drive will do fine, fit that with an SSD and its good to go.
  6. Ah yes, thanks, I just found a post on this site regarding this issue, , so that makes me a happy panda, I can save heaps!

    Maybe I can afford that water cooling after all! :)

    Also the SSD for my O/S would be good for Video Editing it would seem.
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  8. why did nobody mention triple channel ram for intel instead of 4x sticks
  9. skervy said:
    why did nobody mention triple channel ram for intel instead of 4x sticks

  10. Because Sandy Bridge Mobo's (1155) have optimized performance with dual channel memory. If you look at the motherboard, there are 4 slots, meaning dual channel memory (I believe).
  11. Edit: You can run tripple channel, but you will severly reduce performance, so like I said above, best performance comes from 1333 or 1600mhz dual Channel RAM.
  12. ^ Yup, SB = dual channel LGA 1366 = triple channel.
  13. i see that now my mistake for not reading about the changes lol
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