RAM problem, 8gb installed 4gb usable Please Help

Guys I have just built my first system.

It is Windows 7 64-Bit Ultimate.

Mobo: Asrock 970 Extreme4

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB 1866MHz

I have TWO problems:

1. It is saying 8.0GB of RAM (4.0GB Usable).

2. In the BIOS setting it is saying Single Channel Memory Mode

DDR3_A1 : None
DDR3_A2 : 4096MB (DDR3-1333MHz) <<<<< 1333MHz???
DDR3_B1 : None
DDR3_B2: 4096MB (DDR3-1333MHz)

It is saying 1333MHz where as these sticks are 1866MHz. When I try to tweak them, it will only let me go upto 1600MHz..?

Please help guys, im stuck. Its my first build so Im pretty baffled with this among other problems.

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  1. Make sure the RAM is being seated properly.

    Make sure the motherboard having a few bent pins.
  2. Ok I have figured out that my CPU only supports up to 1333MHz, which sucks.

    What I still dont know is the 4gb issue.

    I will check the RAM is seated properly, I will also check for bent pins on the mobo and CPU.


    I also have another issue. I have a Sapphire HD 6870, and after installing the drivers I get a black screen after reboot. I have tried installing from the Sapphire site and the ATI site and I get the same problem.

    PCIE is checked in the BIOS settings.

    Please help guys, im so baffled :(
  3. It could be related to the RAM as well. Or whatever it is.
  4. Well, one thing at the time. one fix may fix all the issues.
  5. Clear CMOS with LED Switch
  6. Reseated RAM & CPU fixed the RAM issue, shows up all 8GB as usable.

    The black screen problem was fixed by using low resolution mode to login then switching to high resolution mode.

    All fixed now
  7. All good than?
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