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NVidia vs CAPTIVA and 512MB vs 1GB

Is there a difrence between the nVidia GF 9600 GT 512MB and the CAPTIVA 9600 GT 512MB and is the 1GB version worth the extra money ?
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  1. CAPTIVA is just a brand that sells cards like EVGA, zotac and many others, but all of them are made by NVIDIA.
  2. OK, thank you for the reply but should i get the 512MB version or the 1GB and by the way my CPU and RAM are ancient an AMD Athlon 4400 and 3GB DDR2 667MHz will they bottelneck the card? Thanks again.
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    It won't bottleneck with those specs.

    If there's little price difference between the two get the 1gb
  4. Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I will probably get the 1GB. Again thank you ;)
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