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My computer keeps randomly freezing while watching videos or playing games. This is so frustrating at times when I've been working for a long time and hadn't saved my work by then, I can only hold the power button in and turn it off and back on or press the reset button, to get it restarted and working again, but the freezing just continues to happen everyday.

Sometimes on rebooting it does a loop at the post screen and just keeps turning off and on continuously until I power it right off and then back on. When i go to the bios it doesn't show any warning about system state or overclocking, all bios settings are at safe-defaults. I have set then again at defaults and rebooted also.

I thought it may have been my GPU and just bought a new one, removed old drivers and installed it and have updated drivers, but the freezing still happens, I have all my graphics settings at just standard settings with everything eg. resolution-framerates-quality.

I have two corsair RAM cards in dual interleaved 1gb x 2, I ran memtest and it shows no errors but freezes after about 20 min in the test with no errors and keyboard does not respond, I just have to restart the computer (although it froze on the memtest screen, the '+' sign up the top next to 'memtest' was still flashing?..) I had my RAM at the factory spec voltage in the bios of 2.1v when the freezing started, I have put it down to bios default of 1.8v and it still freezes.
I have ran several registry cleaner programs, wise cleaner, ncleaner, ccleaner, eausing, they did not fix the freezing. I have run malwarbytes a few times and scans with commodo anti virus but shows no spyware or malware and no viruses, and the freezing is still happening.

I have my virtual memory paging file set at system managed, I had it set before at min 1.5x and max 3x or whatever but both ways , still having freezing. I dont have alot of programs running in the background either, i dont normally multitask much.

I have defraged my system using windows xp defrag in safe mode, It said it didnt need it but did it anyway, but system still freezes.

After a freeze, when I reboot, I look in the event viewer and there are no errors in 'system' or 'applications' at all.

My motherboard is a gigabyte ep-45-ds4p, I have the latest bios update version 8 and have previously updated all the chipsets and drivers for it.

I have checked the windows update site and have all the latest updates for everything, and all system drivers are updated.

I cant work out what could be causing this problem, can you please advise me what to do, I have built this system myself it has been working great for last year, this freezing started to happen oneday while I was browsing on the internet and was watching a youtube video, and this was 3 months ago now it happens daily and has been since. I cannot recall exactly what if any changes I had made to the system before the freezing began.

I also got freezing while playing a game (COD5) then after a while I started getting artifacts in the game really bad and suspected the GPU was stuffed, that's why I have just bought a new, and there is no artifacts now and it all seemed good but I still havve the freezing problem so it must not be the GPU
I have the intel core 2 duo CPU e8500, I had attempted to overclock it in the past it all seemed to complicated for me and i keep getting bsod's so I gave up trying, I would never bother to now, I just want my system to be standard and just work normal now, Ive really hoped I had never ruined all my components from overclocking, although I did ruin my previous memory cards which I had to replace with new ones, I had lots of bsod's and memtest showed they were stuffed, but everything seemed fine after I replaced them.
Any further ideas of what could be causing this freezing problem and where else I could search and or test for the problem?

Could it be my CPU? how do I test or fix? Could it be my memory card slot? I wonder why memtest is freezing? and why when memtest freezes theres still a flashing symbol on the screen but when it freezes in windows everything is still and motionless as well as unresponsive? why does the system sometimes go into a continuous boot loop? Why dont I get any BSOD when it freezes? Why is there nothing reported in the event viewer?

If theres no way to pinpoint the component thats faulty if it is a faulty component causing the freezing; what should I try replacing Next that would most likely be the culprit considering the symptoms? the cpu or motherboard or memory cards ?
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  1. Your post describes your problem well enough.
    But you'd be better served if you posted your full system specs.
    Looping and the unit turning on and off as well as
    unstable gaming and 3d performance are classic signs of an underpowered or failing psu.
  2. Ok, these are my system specs;

    PSU - icute 550w PSU
    GPU- nvidia geforce 450gts
    RAM - twin corsair PC8500 dominator 1024gb 1066mhz 2.1v
    CPU - intel dual core 2 duo E8500, 3.16ghz
    MOB - gigabyte GA-EP45-DS4P re.1, bios version 8
    OS - windows XP pro 32bit, SP3
    DVD - asus DRW-2014L1T

    do you need more info?
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    Your psu seems to be quite a brand.Could you try to go to a shop and ask it to get tested?
  4. in your case,there are 2 possibilities psu is damaged
    2.there would be a hardware faliure in you case.
  5. l guess i can take my PSU out and take it to a local computer shop to ask to get it testing, but what are they testing for? correct voltages?

    the power supply does seem to work as i am using it right now... if it is damaged wouldnt it not work at all?
  6. There is very little info available on the net concerning your psu.
    Your product is basically unknown in N.A..
    I know it's widely available in the Pacific Rim.
    As i said in my earlier post the symptoms you described indicate an underpowered or failing psu.
    I suspect your psu is underpowered and rated at 550W peak power.
    I'm guessing but it might be 500W if it's lucky.
    The recommended power for your gpu is 500W continuous watts.
    You've addressed the issue quite well imo.
    Gpu drivers and Memtest are the first task i would do as well.
    Do Memtest86+ again one stick at a time.
    Also do a DriverSweeper analyze and clean of your gpu drivers in safemode.
  7. Its great to have feed back and so soon, thankyou.

    I just powered off the system and disconnected all mains, then I opened the case and was inspecting the power supply cables from the PSu to the components, and i removed two cables and was still able to have all components connected still, as I had like one cable for each componet.

    The two cables I removed had 3 connections along the cables but were being unused, by optimising the connection of cables perhaps I have reduced the amount of power demanded from the PSU and therefore increased its efficiency. ..I also moved the switch on the two internal fans I have to Low speed instead of medium which may decrease the demand for power from the PSU, it is almost winter here now and its not hot weather at all either.

    I also have four power cords (monitor, speakers, tower and modem) connected to the one wall socket with an adapter board, perhaps that could be affecting the amount of power supply efficiency, but I wont be changing that.

    Perhaps these slight changes may proove worthwhile for my Power supplies ability and may help the problem, Ill know after a day or two if the freezing does or doesnt happen again.

    I will also run a memtest again with one card in a slot at a time if the freezing happens again...
    Ill let you know in a day or so..

    And i will run driver sweeper in safe mode also to be sure..
  8. I bought a new PSU today, the new PSU is 600w, which is more power than I had before too. I installed it this afternoon and the computer ran fine for a couple hours then froze again. So, obviously this problem is not because of the PSU, it must be something else.

    I have not ran a memtest again, however Im sure that if I do it will just freeze after 20min with showing no errors. Thats what has happen the last few times ive ran the memtest. When I have run it I have just left the two cards in, I havnt tested them one by one..

    I already have done a driversweeper in safe mode, twice just to be sure to get all drivers off, so there no need to do again, nothing showed in the second time through either. And this problem obviously isnt because of my GPU as it is new and updated too.

    This leaves only a few more pieces of hardware as possible culprits, RAM, MOBO, CPU, HDD
    What should I do now? Which should I test next and/or replace, what tests could I do and how can I go about fixing this problem now?

    I will also mention, last night I managed to use the computer for 5 hours straight doing stuff with no freezing, however I went to bed and left the computer on overnight to see if it wouldnt freeze and about another five hours later I woke and it was frozen.

    Today when replacing the new PSU i examined the MOBO twice over, looking for burnt or damaged capacitors and can see nothing of the sort.

    Is it normal for my HDD to randomly make grinding/stuttering kind of sounds. I cant remember if its always been like that... It continues to make that sound for about 3 seconds, every 20 seconds. This is always happening, is it normal? could this be my problem, a failing HDD? It happens even when im not doing anything on the computer...

    I hope to hear some replies, thanks.
  9. Ok, Im pretty sure the problem is the HDD is failing. I downloaded the diagnostic tool from the manufactures website, ran the extended test which took 2 hours on my 500gb HDD and at the end of the test it said it was ok, however I believe during the test it fixes the errors. It finds the bad spots on the disk and set it to avoid accessing those bad areas. This diagnostics tool is just a temporary fix however, the problems will come back after time. It was advised too get a new HDD and backup data on old and do a reinstall, which is what im going to do now.
  10. Alright finally found the real problem and fixed it! The freezing problem was because my motherboard had a short, in other words it was stuffed, had a bad circuit or blown circuit. I found this out because after getting a new HDD the computer still froze. (after buying new HDD i ran memtest again and it passed good and did not freeze) I had enough of this problem and took it to a computer shop where the technician could test and see that the motherboard was ruined. I replaced it for $170 and while I was at it I bought new ram cause the technician said the failing motherboard had really stuffed the ram aswell (i wanted new ram anyway and i upgraded a gb) He also foung that the brand new PSU I had bought two days earlier had blown two diodes inside itself, from the motherboard being faulty, he simply opened the PSU and put two new diodes into it. He advised me I should be very careful if disconnecting the power supply cable from the computer and that always make sure the PSU switch is off before plugging in and good idea to have the wall socket switched off when connecting too. Failure to do this can cause an arc at the PSU which shoots through the whole system and can blow out bits on your motherboard. Freezing is because of a failed motherboard, anyone having major freezing issues like mine, I suggest go and get your motherboard replaced FIRST, it will most likely be the problem and even if it isnt the problem, they dont cost too much for a new one and its worth it considering also the amount of stuffing around you could possibly save yourself. The bad motherboard stuffed my psu and ram too, luckily it didnt stuff my HDD and GPU, and i was told lucky i have an intel CPU they are pretty good and wont get damaged by the motherboard unlike AMD cpu as the intel have some kind of safety thing.
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