Need a new heatsink fan!

Hey there, i've got a X4 955 BE AMD CPU currently in my PC. The temperatures never exceed 50c under load, which i'm happy about. However, I do have problems with the dinky, most noisest stock fan i've ever came across that came with it. I don't have time, the money or patience to install a new cooling system. I would just like to replace the fan. A few months ago I went and bought a Hysper 212 Plus cooler..after installing it..I attempted to close my case and the side panel wouldn't go back on, without forcing it (It also blocked my side panels fan). I'm using the "Full-Tower Black Case 2.0B" Alienware shell, and i'm wondering if anyone could recommend me a fan that would be quieter than the AMD stock, easy to install and cheap.

I was planning on ordering the "Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 130Watt i5/i7/775/AM3/AM2+/939 compatible CPU Cooler". But just not sure if it will fit into my case. Any tips or advice would be appreciated!
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  1. Hey there, i am using a similar heatsink to what you using at the moment.
    Akasa Venom Nano Heatsink, but i have changed the fan on it, and added two Cooler Master Excalibur's. and the noise level is low with great air flow and air pressure, my cpu in idle is between 19 and 25 degrees.

    hope this helps..
  2. A 212+ is much better then an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2.
    Remove the side fan.
    I'd sacrifice a side fan for a cooler cpu without question.
    I've done so with my current rig.
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