Ok, so I've had an incredible amount of help from the forums, cant thank enough for that. The final question being:

Im will be buying a Gtx 460 1GB ASAP .... im stuck on what make to go for, ive whittled it down to Asus or EVGA ...

I live in the UK, and have had a Asus motherboard for ages now, never had a problem and am thoroughly impressed, but on the other hand, ive heard a incredible amount of good reviews from EVGA

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  1. On the other hand, i just found an ASUS 470 for the SAME price as a EVGA 460 1GB ....
  2. Not sure what you have available, but that sounds like the ASUS GTX470 that we have available here for $209 after $20 rebate and free shipping. I'd take that over a 460 any day as long as you have a power supply to run it.

    EVGA and ASUS are two good brands. I have favored ASUS recently. EVGA does have a lifetime support and ASUS 3 years, but I never own a video card for more than 3 years so it doesn't matter to me.
  3. True, but the 4xx's in SLI should hold out a while im my opinion ... my psu is a 700w Antec arctic cooler, shouldnt be a problem, otherwise, its just a case of picking and choosing the best deal for the top brands ....

    EVGA or Asus it is then .... any other views on Gigabyte or Zotac or even POV ?
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