Please help me, EVGA 210 1GB DDR3 and i'm a noob

I am looking at the
EVGA GeForce 210 DDR3

Now from what I understand, it's that it's not a great gaming card....??? That's what I've been reading. I really only want to play a couple games on my PC and not for long periods of time.

I have an ASUS p5e-VM HDMI motherboard and was wondering is my motherboard would explode if I put this card in. I have read in other forums that you can and can't add a video card and that blah blah blah..... I get lost about there and want to kill myself.
Oh I it will use the pci-e 1.1 not the pci-e 2 (motherboard will downgrade as its not 2.0 compatible)

I hope you can understand why i'm so lost.

I know NOTHING about videocards but 1gb ddr3 sounds pretty sweet and I can pick it up for $30!!!
However if I cant play any games and my motherboard wont handle it... I'm not going to buy it. Also I dont want to spend much because I wont play many games.

ANY help would be amazing!
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    LOL what makes you think it would just explode if you put a card in it?

    1gb ddr3 may sound sweet, but reality is that the card is a piece of crap, i doubt it'd be any better than the onboard, you sure won't play any fairly recent game even on low setting.

    This I consider is the very minimum for a decent gaming experience:
  2. It might explode because it hates me. I also like to assume the worst... then it's not always as bad as I thought when the bad actually happens.

    I just bought an EVGA GeForce GT 240 550MHZ 1Gb 1.58GHZ DDR3 PCI-E VGA DVI-I HDMI Video Card

    hope this will do the trick! (please let me know if i should cancel my order)

    $70.00 on amazon. sounds good to me!
  3. This'll be better in every single way:

    You won't get to use 1gb of memory unless you're at 1920x1080 or higher resolution
  4. I live in Canada. So that price is not the same on
  5. The GT240 is the MINIMUM card you want for gaming. And even then your better off at 1440x900 and not 1680x1050. (playing on a 720P TV would be even better.) The 5670 would be better, as would a host of other cards.
  6. I did want to grab the 512 ddr5 because its cool. but I just installed the gt 240 and its sweet titty meat. I was playing at 1280x1024 on max setting and it was brilliant.

    so I really dont need anything other than that. Games work and look great. Thats all I need.

    Thanks for the help guys!
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  8. Trust me. If you bought the GT210 you would not be impressed. There are also games out right now that will make that GT240 feel slow. Try maxing out Crysis or Metro 2033 and look at your frame rates.
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