No Bootable Device -- Please insert boot disk and press any key

Hello, I recently built my own machine and I've been receiving this error ever since. I'm trying to boot off of a bootable DVD in the optical drive, but instead of booting the computer throws back this error at me. There are no peripheral devices attached except for the keyboard.

The motherboard I'm using is an Intel DP55KG. I checked in the BIOS and it seems like the BIOS recognizes the optical drive so that isn't the problem. I've switched it around to another computer, and the drive works fine, but the issue persists. Any solution would be very much appreciated.
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  1. Have you checked the boot order in the bios. CD (or dvd) should be set as the first boot device. After you "save and exit" your dvd should work if it's set up correctly as a boot device or operating system. I also disable the floppy as a boot option and "floppy detect" or similar option in some bios' files.
  2. Yes, I've checked and rechecked the boot order. The particular disk I'm using boots fine on other computers and I've tried other disks as well. There is no floopy detect option and there is no floppy drive.
  3. Well, could be a bad power supply or sata cable lead going to your dvd drive. You can try switching the ps cable lead or try another boot device to see if the drive is bad.
  4. I have tried switching the power supply cable as well as the sata cable and the sata port. I installed a HDD that already had an OS installed on it and was able to boot off of that. But the optical drive does work fine in other computer so I don't think that is the issue.
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