Insert Boot media Error on Asus M4A78 Pro Motherboard

I have an annoying problem.

I have my rig, that I built from scratch, but I recycled alot of old parts from my old crappy system. The main thing that is plaguing me is the old hard drive. The system won't boot without it, and I come up with a Insert Boot media error. I want install windows 7 on a hard drive that is not the old one, as I bought all new ones to install windows on. Problem is, the moment that drives out, I can't do anything. It's listed as the master boot list in the Disk manager on windows, so I think thats whats causing it. All the other drives are getting where to boot from. Is there any way I can change the tag of the other hard drives to the master boot list so I can recycle my old one?

System Stats
8 GB Ddr2
Asus M4A78 Pro Motherboard
AMD X4 Black edition
ATI Radeon 5850 HD

PS: I read the other topics on this and they did not help
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  1. For starters, in system BIOS set the hard drive with the OS installation as a boot device.
  2. @Badge is this the one I want to have the OS on(plugged in) Or the one that already has it (out of the rig)
  3. The hard drive with the OS installation will have to be listed as a boot device in BIOS. Could be some other issue, but check this first.
  4. I figured as much. Ill put it back in and set it back up as the boot device. Will I have to change something on the actual OS to set the one I want as the boot hard drive? I know there are status tags on the drives in the disk manager, labelled as boot, so I assume thats where I'd need to do something
  5. Not sure what you are trying to do or have already done. If trying to install the OS, unplug the other hard drives during the procedure and plug in ony the drive you are loading the OS on. If the OS is already installed and BIOS is coming with 'insert boot media' be sure the hard drive with the OS is listed as a boot device in system BIOS.
  6. OHH! See, I'm trying to Install the OS onto another hard drive. I will try unplugging my other ones.
  7. Be sure to shut the system down when unplugging the hard drives. In order to boot to the Windows 7 installation disk, in BIOS set the first boot device to DVD insert the installation DVD into the tray save and exit BIOS. When prompted to 'press any key' to boot to the installation DVD, press any key at that time.
  8. Note The computer must be configured to start from the DVD drive. For information about how to configure the computer to start from the DVD drive, see the documentation that is included with the computer. Or, contact the computer manufacturer.

    To perform a clean installation of Windows 7 by starting the computer from the Windows 7 DVD, follow these steps:

    Start the computer.
    Insert the Windows Vista DVD into the DVD drive and then close the drive tray.
    Restart the computer.
    When you receive the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press a key.
    Follow the instructions to install Windows 7.
    If Windows 7 is now running on your computer, you have completed the installation successfully.

    If the installation does not finish or you receive an error message, and you are comfortable trying to troubleshoot the problem, go to the "Troubleshooting" section. If you are not comfortable trying to troubleshoot the issue, go to the “Next Steps” section.
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