My PNY GTX 470 only scores 20000 with 3DMark06 should be 23000.

I just upgrade to 470 GTX PNY XLR8 and my benchmark scores are low in comparison to same system with several different apps/benchmarks. I have a stock clocked i7 860 and 8gb 1333 ddr3 so I can figure out why I can get decent scores using 260.99 driver. Could my card be faulty or do I have a bottleneck? Any way I can really get a good comparison to similar setup would be great. Could I be missing a setting because I have used ATI/AMD since I started gaming so I am unfamiliar with a couple settings. I might put this back in the box and cough up another 20 dollars for a 6870!
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  1. My system, i7 930 and gtx 470 got 18.5k bone stock. So since the i7 860 Turbos up a bit higher, 20k sounds about right.

    With my i7 930 overclocked to 4.011ghz I score ~25K, 3DMark06 is bound by the cpu by today's standards because of the low resolution we test at.

    3DMark Vantage, or the new one coming out should give yo a much better snapshot of your computer performance. FYI the 6870 is slower then the gtx 470, at the very most equal to.
  2. 3DMark 06 isn't the best way to judge your performance.Try some games and compare your FPS with benchmarks from other websites.
    My rig(i7 860/HD 5970) also didn't score very well in 3DMark,but my FPS in fine in games.
  3. Hey thanks for info! I feel better about performance , and I noticed DX11 games/benchmarks run great with this setup but DX10 and 9 not as good. I guess the drivers have something to do with that ,optimized for newer games! Thanks for info/help!
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