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My old wireless g router died and I bought a linksys wireless n router to replace it. I have it wired to one computer and the other computers connect wirelessly. Connecting the computer directly to the internet works just fine, but when I hook the internet through the router, the router can't see the internet connection. I have tried power cycling, rebooting, resetting, renewing and releasing the ip address. We have tried this with 3 different brand new routers - Netgear WNR2000, Linksys E1000, and Linksys WRT160N. I have even tried using with a different computer, but had the same results. We have been at this for 24 hours straight and our ISP (Broadweave) insists it's a router problem and that no special passwords or setup are needed. They said it should be a dynamic connection, not PPPOE or static. We should be able to just plug and play. Please help!! I don't know what to try next. I have tried on both a Windows XP and a Windows Vista.
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  1. Odd problem, but maybe a simple fix.

    Make sure the "internet" port of the router is plugged into the DSL box.
    Computer is plugged into any numbered port on the router. Try the wired machine first and when you get it going, add wireless.
    Also, make sure you are not using a crossover cable to connect.

    Maybe you already have this correct, but if not, then there's your problem.
  2. I've done all of that too....Still not working.
  3. ktapahe said:
    I've done all of that too....Still not working.

    Is router set to be a gateway, access point, bridge? Is it set for Static Routing (should be)..
    DDNS disabled? (should be), Schedule rule? MAC filtering? A bad cable that your DSL modem can auto-config to work but router(s) can't??

    It's strange that 3 routers can't make your connection using wire. It makes the cable seem suspicious.
  4. when you go to the admin page of the router, does it have dhcp enabled? Does it get an IP address? Well first, can you get to the admin web page of your router?
  5. You said you power cycled the router. did you power cycle the modem also?
    I always turn off power to the modem when adding a new router. Connect the equipment then power on the modem, let it initialize, turn on router, let it initialize then turn on or connect the pc.

    Is there a reset button on the modem?
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