Replacing 8800GTS 512

Looking to replace my 8800 GTS 512, but not sure what would be worth the money. Would like to get a card to run eyefinity, but also don't want to spend a small fortune. Any suggestions on a good replacement card with eyefinity? Something a little faster wouldn't hurt.
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  1. Impossible to answer - there are lots of cards that are better lol. Need a purpose for the card, and a budget.

    Meanwhile, read here and you can pick your answer:,2782.html

    The best card at each budget point, and on the last page you can locate your card, and see all the cards that are better.
  2. I don't do anything that real GPU power is needed. I play games online (BF2, black ops), some basic photoshop picture editing, and just normal email/internet. I'd like to stay under $200.00 but would be willing to go up to $250.00 if need be.

    What I would like to do is set up the three monitor eyefinity to play games across all three screens. I'm not sure which card would be sufficient to do this without having to place all the setting on the lower end.
  3. As shown in the link I gave you, a 6850 or 460 fit your budget, and are very strong gaming cards up to 1920 resolution. The 6850 may be preferable to you if you are thinking about playing across three screens with bezels in between.
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