Computer won't boot?

So about 8 months ago I purchased a desktop from cyberpower. Today when I got home and tried to turn it on, it turned on for about 5 seconds, then suddenly turned off. Pushing the power button now does nothing at all. It doesn't seem to be the PSU that's causing the problems as all the USB ports still work, and there's a light on inside the computer. I still have over 2 years of warranty left, so I can send it in if I can't figure this out.

Could it be perhaps the liquid dried up in the liquid cooling system? (Asetek 240mm radiator)

Gts 250
I7 975x
Asus p6t x58 SE
800 watt psu
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  1. does the PSU have a separate power button? Turn that off, leave for a few seconds then turn it back on. hit the CMOS reset button and try powering up again
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    It couldn't be the liquid cooling because if I remember correctly no cooling liquid would mean the pump would try to pump air (really bad for your setup), but it should not cause a system not to start up.

    Check if all the wires are connected correctly (check the manual to be sure).

    If they are and problem is still there then disconnect your pc from your power grid and leave only the most essential cables of your psu plugged into your motherboard (as well as the motherboards most essential cables). Disconnect your gfx card as well as your hdd's. Then reconnect your pc to the grid and just try to start it up. If it stays on again disconnect your pc from the grid plug in your gfx card and try again. Still starting up? Good, again turn of your pc and plug in the hdd. Continue this until you've plugged in everything and the pc is still running/turning on.
    Through this route you should be able to locate the problem if it is a no go on the first try with only the essentials it is either the cpu psu or MB and my guess would be the MB.

    That's my advice however since you have a water cooling setup this is a tedious and long road to go so try imabug suggestion first.
    Good luck
  3. I took it back to where I got it, they said the PSU went bad and replaced it right there. Everything's working now, thanks.
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  5. Thats a real issue at cyberpower they have their own branded power supply , and extreme gear power supply and a raidmax supply they list that no one should ever buy.
    You should always get a name brand reliable power supply or your just biding your time waiting for an issue. Yes they may be cheap but then again their cheap.
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