Which motherboard should I buy?

I am buying a pentium 620(sandy bridge) processor.
This processor cant be overclocked.

I am a bit confused between dh61ww and asus p8h61-m lx.

In pakistan here,asus is providing 1 year and intel is providing 3 years warranty. Both are of approx. same price.

Do i need to get asus even knowing that this pro cannot be overlocked,
Or should i buy intel(which i think is right) which has 3 years warranty and does not overclock which g620 cannot be.

Some say asus has good performance and some say otherwise.I think there is not much differnce between these two boards.

Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. Go with the Intel motherboard as it offers a better warranty. The performance will be the same.
  2. can u confirm me 100% which has more stability and more importantly more durability(long life)? Because if asus has it then there is no point in buying intel and i'll buy asus and will sacrifice intel 3 years warranty.

    And most of gamers i have seen always prefer asus over intel even if price is same and both do not have overclocking ability despite intel has 3 years warranty. why is so?
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    Asus usually is preferred by gamers as it's better for overclocking. On the other hand, gamers don't buy an inexpensive H61 chipset based motherboard; they buy motherboards based on the P67 or the Z68 chipsets. Since you won't overclock, the Intel is a good choice.

    Intel offer a better warranty while Asus support up to 16 GB of memory. If you prefer the Asus, then that's the one that you should buy. I would by the Intel because all Intel motherboards that I've used have been very good, but they didn't allow overclocking.

    Also take into account the slots: Intel includes a PCI slot while Asus includes more PCI Express x1 slots.
  4. The H61 is an entry level board chipset. On a whole Intel® boards have the reputation for being the most reliable. Don’t get me wrong Asus board have good reputation but they are known as more enthusiast friendly boards.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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