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What would you all say is the hierarchy of needs for a media pc? Ex, 1. processor (dual or quad?) 2. RAM 3. Video Card, etc. ? I am struggling to find something under $600 that has everything I THINK I need. It would help to narrow down my needs a bit. I would build my own but I do not have time to learn EVERYTHING and do the shopping and ordering.
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  1. Here is a suggested build I put together, its $600 and it comes packed with power.

    Triple core CPU, runs any media with no problems

    HD 5570, runs HD video, rendering, photos, and even light gaming with no issues, plus it has an HDMI port for HD out.

    Small case, perfect for an Home Theater/MEDIA PC.

    Blu-ray drive, which you can drop for a DVD drive if you dont want to spend as much.
  2. Thanks. I would do something like this if I build my own but I may just buy a pre-made. I have no idea what to look for in motherbords other than needing a certian number of PCI, PCIX1, and one PCIX16. I am also unsyre of the minimum processor as opposed to what would be unneccessary/overkill. I will not be gaming on this machine though. It is strictly media and internet.
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