HD 5670 HDMI output invalid format

I have a pc fitted with Radeon HD5670 grahpics card. I'm trying to connect it to my HDTV, but the problem is that, whenever HDMI port is connected to my HDTV, my computer monitor just shuts off and the HDTV shows invalid format.
There's no way I could find a way to configure it when HDTV is connected, as it forces my computer monitor to turn off.

any help would be appreciated thanks!
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  1. Have you tried powering up the system with only the HDTV connected?

    -Wolf queries
  2. It's an HDMI 1.3 out card, I hope your TV is HDMI1.3 Compliant..... plus the Cable that you're using should be the right kind.
    Check these three things and let us know....
  3. right at the beginning, the HDTV works when connected to my PC through HDMI port(with both my HDTV and computer monitor connected). At the time, my computer monitor shuts off automatically when HDTV is connected. However while on the HDTV I tried to adjust the resolution , i think the resolution i chose was out of range, and then my HDTV shows invalid format.

    I've tried uninstall and reinstall of the graphic card driver and set Catalyst control center to factory default. It seems nothing worked.

    The problem now is that how do i set my computer monitor as primary monitor, and force the display output to stay on my computer monitor while HDMI port is connected to HDTV. So that i could use the Catalyst control center to detect the HDTV display and hence change the resolution back to normal again.
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    The object of booting the system with only the HDTV connected was to get a valid display. From there, check which resolutions work and which don't. Each time you change the display resolution, Catalyst Control Center generates a 15 second timer which allows you to either keep or disregard the new resolution setting. If no action is taken (as would be the case of an Invalid Format where you cannot select to keep or disregard), your system will automatically revert back to the valid settings.

    Using this process, find a resolution that works on your HDTV and matches or comes close to your monitor's recommended resolution. Once your system is stable connected to you HTPC, shut it down and reconnect the monitor. You system should boot to the HDTV again. With the second monitor attached, you should be able to select either Cloned or Extended modes to activate the monitor as a secondary device.

    Once both displays are active, then you can change the monitor to the primary display.

    -Wolf sends
  5. @Wolfshadw thank you, tried you method, boot up with HDTV and got it working. Finally got the problem solved!
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